Haematology & Transfusion Science

Ten-second videos predict blood cancer relapse

In a new study, 10-second videos of white blood cell motion in the skin’s microvasculature greatly improved the prediction of which stem cell and bone marrow transplant patients would have a relapse of their blood cancer.

New test predicts sepsis before blood clots

A new test predicted sepsis soon after infection in mice – well before blood clotting and organ failure – enabling early treatment and increasing survival.

Spherocytes and irregularly contracted cells

Barbara J. Bain, Professor of Diagnostic Haematology and Honorary Consultant Haematologist, analyses spherocytes and irregularly contracted cells.

Heart attack blood test

A quick and cheap blood test could help doctors to spot people at high risk of death following a suspected heart attack, according to research.

Blood bikes: The ride of your life

John Stepney, Chairman of the Nationwide Association of Blood Bikes (NABB), outlines the charity’s work and achievements and some of the challenges faced over recent years.

Blood markers can predict depression in pregnancy

Signs of inflammation in the blood can reliably predict and identify severe depression in pregnancy, reports a new study.

My lab: The manufacturing laboratory

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Jordan Moir gives a guided tour of the blood manufacturing facilities at the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

Out for blood

The story of a US blood test that it was claimed would lead to a healthcare revolution, but ended in a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud investors.

IBMS research grants 2021

The five recipients of the IBMS research grants in 2021 introduce us to their research projectsnand discuss what impact their work could have.

Tech news: December

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