Here to help: Looking at topping up

Alan Wainwright, the IBMS Executive Head of Education, with some advice to graduates and employers on topping up non-accredited degrees for registration.

Tech news: December

This month's top tech news stories

Diagnosing children’s cancer in the pandemic

A study of cancer in children and young adults in England has found that fewer patients were diagnosed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

New approach for ovarian cancer treatment?

In new research, scientists reveal how certain cells drive immunotherapy resistance in a mouse model of ovarian cancer and show that targeting a signalling pathway in these cells improved

Emergency department risk calculator

In a collaborative project between University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM) NHS Trust and Staffordshire University, experts have developed a prediction model to identify patients mos

Potential vaccine and treatment for alzheimer’s

Both the antibody-based treatment and the protein-based vaccine developed by the team reduced Alzheimer’s symptoms in mouse models of the disease.

Singing and respiratory aerosol production

These are the key findings from recent research that sought to determine the extent to which singers and actors emit aerosols (and whether those emissions could be quantified).

Label-free histopathology

It avoids freezing, sectioning, or staining by using the ultraviolet (UV) photoacoustic imaging technology (UV-MEMS PAM) that converges ultra-high-speed MEMS scanner technology.

Natural killer cells vs. macrophages

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have found an important difference between naturally acquired immunity and immunity following vaccination.

Tech news: November

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Pipetting robot