Tackling drug-resistant strains of TB

New drugs to treat strains of TB that have become resistant to treatment are now a possibility it is claimed, following a discovery from the University of Surrey.

Redefining how blood is made

Stem-cell scientists have discovered a completely new notion of how human blood is made, upending conventional views from the 1960s.

Avoidable cancer delays

One in four cancer patients experienced a delay to their diagnosis that could have been avoided, according to a new study by Cancer Research UK.

President’s Prize winners 2019

Glasgow Caledonian University 

Smear tests replaced by DIY home kit?

A trial in 600 women showed that the home test was able to identify those with pre-cancerous lesions, meaning those women requiring treatment could be pinpointed faster.

Thirteen regions still to agree pathology model

However, 16 regions have formally agreed new models, which is three more than the 13 which had reached such agreements in September 2018.

Nobel prize for british scientist

Alongside the other prize winners – William Kaelin Jr and Gregg Semenza – Sir Peter discovered how cells sense and adapt to changing oxygen availability and identified molecular machinery

Watching arctic scenes eases burning pain

Scientists from Imperial College London have found that using virtual reality headsets could combat increased sensitivity to pain by immersing people in scenes of icebergs, oceans and ice

Any running reduces early death risk

Researchers say the latest findings push back against result from other studies, which have hinted benefits increase with more running, but might drop at very high levels.

Advanced roles in histopathology

In response to the medical pathologist shortages in histopathology in England and the success of the introduction of the Institute’s Advanced Specialist Diplomas in Histopathology dissect

Biomedical Science Day date confirmed

By promoting biomedical science to the public, it will be once again asking members to take part by throwing open the doors to their laboratories to show they work #AtTheHeart OfHealthcar