Blood test for colon cancer?

If caught early, nearly all cases of colon cancer are curable. However, colon cancer screening suffers from a combination of low compliance rates and over-diagnosis.

Scientists grow perfect human blood vessels

Scientists have managed to grow perfect human blood vessels as organoids in a petri dish for the first time.

Virus reactivation after transplantation

A new study challenges long-held theories of why a common virus can reactivate and become a life-threatening infection in people with a compromised immune system, including blood cancer patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.


IBMS members win award

The AHAwards recognise the achievements and contributions of allied health professionals and healthcare scientists across the UK.


Come Visit Our Laboratory

It features a poster for IBMS members to print, which was created by the IBMS and Sobana Qadus, a biomedical scientist at Manchester Foundation Trust.


Free legal advice for members

The advice covers a wide range of topics, from unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination, through to motoring, personal injury and tax, among others.


UK SMI TP 34 and 38 reissued

Developed with the support of Public Health England working in partnership with the NHS and other professional organisations, UK SMIS has released the two documents pertaining to thermonu


Academy for Advancing Practice

It proposes to create an Academy for Advancing Practice and has drafted documents describing plans for its operation, standards for education and training and an equivalence route for rec

Heart fatalities on the rise

The figures show an upward trend in deaths since 2014, with 42,384 people dying from conditions including heart attack and stroke in the UK before the age of 75 in 2017, compared to 41,04

Radiotherapy that rotates patients

The treatment uses a technique called Dynamic Couch Rotation to carefully synchronise the position of patients with the motion of the radiation beam.