"Sepsis causes one in five deaths"

Twice as many people as previously believed are dying of sepsis worldwide, according to a new analysis.

Slashing waiting times for cancer diagnosis

A rapid diagnosis centre has cut waiting times for patients with non-specific symptoms who may have cancer from 84 days to six.

Rare genetic mutations in donor stem cells

A stem cell transplant is a common treatment for blood cancers, such as acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

IBMS sponsors AHA award

The award celebrates an exceptional biomedical scientist who has used their skills and expertise to advance practice in an innovative and impactful way, making a real difference to patien

IBMS position statements

Members are being invited to raise topics for IBMS position statements and opinion pieces.

Under the microscope: Elongation of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids Protein 2

What on earth is that?

It’s the admittedly lengthy name of a protein-coding gene, which we will shorten to ELOVL2 for ease.

Myeloma presentation

Professor Mark Drayson, Director of the Clinical Immunology Service at University of Birmingham, will deliver the presentation on 12 February.

Internet use and motivation

This effect is made worse by the increased feelings of loneliness that use of digital technology produces.

IBMS Diary opt-out

In these digital times, when people are more aware of their environmental impact than ever, the IBMS has decided to add an option to opt out of receiving 
the IBMS Diary.

New podcasts now

It features Professor Barbara Bain discussing her research and issues around morphology.

Are bigger brains better?

A larger hippocampus (a curved, seahorse-shaped structure embedded deep in the brain) does not always reliably predict learning and memory abilities in older adults.