“Tumour-uninformed” blood test

A team of scientists has evaluated the first “tumour-uninformed” test that detects cancer DNA circulating in the blood of patients following treatment.

Ultrasonically oscillating biopsy needles

Modifying a biopsy needle to vibrate rapidly at 30,000 times per second improves yields and could mean potentially a less painful experience for patients.

All-in-one Covid surveillance test

A new type of COVID-19 testing strategy could help streamline the process of identifying cases, tracking variants and detecting co-infecting viruses, it is claimed.

Ultra-sensitive rapid diagnostic for Ebola

In monkeys infected with Ebola, this diagnostic, called the D4 assay, proved to be 1000 times more sensitive than the currently approved rapid diagnostic test and capable of detecting the

Graphite-based sensor for wearables

The researchers from Trinity College Dublin's School of Physics printed sensors that are 50 times more sensitive than the industry standard and outperform other comparable nano-enabled se

Novel Covid test

The novel COVID-19 test uses a mass spectrometer, which is paired with a powerful machine-learning platform to detect SARS-CoV-2 in nasal swabs.

New markers for heart attacks

The researchers hope that the results will lead to new diagnostic tests for heart attacks.

New histopathology method

An international research team demonstrated a 3D label-free quantitative phase imaging technique that uses optical diffraction tomography to obtain volumetric imaging information.