Australia top for cancer survival

A global study has found that Australia’s high cancer survival rates are attributed to early detection.

The danger in our drinking water

Plastics in our wastewater are breaking down into tiny particles and causing potentially catastrophic consequences for our health.

Blood test aids lung cancer detection

A trial in Scotland has shown that using a blood test to detect lung cancer earlier can significantly reduce late-stage presentation of the disease.

Our fab five

The theme of this year’s list is “trailblazers of the laboratory” and the five winners have been honoured as 100 of the leading innovators in pathology and laboratory medicine who are at

Slime of the times

The Principal Lecturer at the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences, Univeristy of Brighton, hit the news after her announcing her breakthrough in the search for new antibiotics.

Call for papers for the journal

Editor Andrew Blann will now be seeking informative case report for potential publication.

Hcpc registration renewals due

The deadline for the renewal period for biomedical scientists is November.

National Pathology Week

It’s time to make big (and small) plans for this year’s National Pathology Week.

IBMS Congress 2019 round-up

Wow, didn’t we have a ball! After almost two years of preparation and build-up, Congress has just ended and my months of worry were proved to be unfounded.

Predicting lung cancer

In the UK, more than 35,000 people succumb to lung cancer each year.