One step ahead of cancer

In the UK, one in two of us can expect to get cancer in our lifetimes. With such a high disease burden, efforts to prevent cancer are at least as important as efforts to treat it. 

Raised serum ferritin

Honorary senior lecturer and consultant haematologist Dr Farooq A Wandroo and his colleagues ask, what is the clinical significance of a markedly elevated serum ferritin?

T Levels: technical education for the future

Pathology Services Manager Sue Alexander introduces a new qualification and outlines its development.

How to… promote biomedical science

Dan Nimmo, IBMS Communications Manager, reflects on the successes of the past year, highlights some of the plans for 2019 and discusses how members play the biggest part in promoting biomedical science.

Journal-based learning exercises

Each article’s contents should be read, researched and understood, and you should then come to a decision on each question. The pass mark is 17 out of 20 questions answered correctly. JBL exercises may be completed at any time until the published deadline date. Please select your choice of correct answers and complete the exercises online at:

My Lab: Paediatric microbiology

Deputy Manager of Microbiology at Great Ormond Street Hospital, Francis Yongblah, gives a guided tour of his lab.

Editorial: Who cares?

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive, asks if enough is done for those with complex care needs.

How to… ensure effective blood stock management

Clare Denison and Fatts Chowdhury outline the Blood Stocks Management Scheme and explain how it can reduce wastage and save money.

Antimicrobial resistance update

After attending a two-day interactive Heralding Education on Antibiotic Resistance (HEAR) course, Mahrukh Kerawala and Rizalea Echaluse outline the key points.

Here to help: could you be a specialist advisory panel member?

Chris Ward, IBMS Head of Examinations, looks at the Institute’s advisory panels and how members can play a crucial role.

My lab: cellular pathology

Consultant Cellular Pathologist Paul Cross gives a guided tour of his lab at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.