Editorial: Change for Cytology

The dedicated and passionate workforce deserves the care and respect it gives patients.

The Big Question: How could Brexit impact laboratory supply chains and continuity?

Three people voice their opinions on how Brexit could impact laboratory supply chains and continuity.

“The Nutty Professor?”

Professor David Nutt was working for the Labour government when he was forced to resign for his contentious views on drugs. Ten years on, we catch up with him.

How can you help us?

This month’s article is a little bit different. Instead of writing about helping you, Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Deputy Executive Head of Education, would like to invite you to help her team.

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Journal-based learning exercises - November 2018

Each article’s contents should be read, researched and understood, and you should then come to a decision on each question. The pass mark is 17 out of 20 questions answered correctly. JBL exercises may be completed at any time until the published deadline date. Please select your choice of correct answers and complete the exercises online at:

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How to Trichome Staining Getty

How to… use trichrome staining for environmental surveillance of protozoan human parasites

Can trichrome staining be a cost-effective tool? Parasitology PhD student Umar Anjum and colleagues report on a pilot study.

Thick film

Quality thick films for malaria diagnosis

Senior Biomedical Scientist Emma Victory gives practical guidance on how best to make a thick blood film.

First day placement nerves

Sometimes the first few weeks might be overwhelming for trainees, but they should be considered an investment in the future, writes Jocelyn Pryce, Head of Registration and Training at the IBMS.

The big question: “Why aren’t more biomedical scientists on hospital management boards?”

Three people voice their opinions on whether or not there should be more biomedical scientists on hospital management boards.

Advice Journal

The British Journal Of Biomedical Science on the rise

The British Journal of Biomedical Science impact factor has increased again, but how is the figure calculated and what does it mean?

Editorial: rites of passage

Have we become so focussed on efficiencies that we no longer know how to celebrate?