May journal-based learning exercises

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HCPC standards of education and training

Alan Wainwright, IBMS Executive Head of Education, summarises revisions that are due to be implemented following an audit. 


Equality of opportunity

There is no place for outdated prejudice if there is a serious desire for change. 

Under the microscope: FAAH-OUT

This month: FAAH-OUT

The big question: “Is there a role for charities and volunteers to take the pressure off health services?”

Three professionals discuss taking the pressure off health services through the use of charities and volunteers. 


molecular scissors

Jennifer Doudna is behind a pioneering gene editing technique, potential applications of which range from curing genetic diseases, to improving crops. She discusses the practical and ethical issues. 

Top five congress tips

With just one more month of early bird discount rates for Congress 2019, we ask five regular attendees and previous speakers their top tips to make the most of Congress.


Biomedical Science Day 2019

This year Biomedical Science Day will be held on Thursday 20 June. Once again, we want our members to celebrate their work in biomedical science and show patients, hospital staff and the public the vital role they play in healthcare. Free with this month’s edition of The Biomedical Scientist you’ll find a poster to put up at work to help encourage colleagues to take part.  


How to… embrace leadership

Clinical Scientist and Molecular Pathology Lead Siobhan Taylor discusses applying for a leadership programme and the benefits it has brought.


Scientists scoop accolades  

IBMS members were victorious at the Advancing Healthcare Awards (AHAwards) for achievements in biomedical science. 


My Lab: clinical biochemistry and immunology

Immunology Manager and Pathology Training Lead Matthew Smith gives a guided tour of his lab at the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust.