My lab: morecambe bay blood sciences

Biomedical Scientist Danny Gaskin gives a guided tour of his blood sciences lab at Furness General Hospital.

Sniffing out cancer

Claire Guest, Co-founder of Medical Detection Dogs, explains how canines could have an important role in discovering disease.

The Big Story Human Sacrifices at Tahiti iStock

The big story: polynesian paradise lost

The islands of Polynesia are known to be some of the most beautiful in the world, but the influence of the colonising West has left its indelible mark, writes Stephen Mortlock.

Clostridium Difficile Bacterium

Treating clostridium difficile infection

Emmanuel Nwankwo and Andrew Ward ask whether empirical antibiotic therapy can still be relied upon.

The big question: "Is there gender equality in biomedical science laboratories?"

Three people voice their opinions on gender equality in biomedical science laboratories. 

Return of the AIDS epidemic?

Linda-Gail Bekker, President of the International AIDS Society, fears there may be a resurgence of the HIV epidemic.

Consolidation of pathology networks

Head of Pathology Services Consolidation at NHS Improvement, David Wells, sets out the progress made on the 29 networks and looks at the next steps and future plans.

Dave Spikey

From haematology to stand-up comedy

Dave Spikey may be a famous comic and actor now, but in the late sixties he was starting a biomedical science career.

cmyk iStock

The Big Question: 'Does biomedical science still represent a career for life?'

Three people voice their opinions on a career in biomedical science. 

Duffy Red Blood Cells iStock

The duffy blood group system

Head of RCI Laboratory Martin Maley gives an introduction to the Duffy blood group system.

Test Tube Test Tube Under Flame Getty

The test tube: a symbolic story

While the test tube is hardly the most imposing item of glassware on a scientist’s workbench, its symbolic power is second to none.