Clopidigrel DNA Genotyping and Sequencing Science photo library

Clopidogrel and CYP2C19 genotyping: a genomic perspective

Ibrahim Nakibingé looks into one of the first generation of adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists.

Blood Group Blood Bag Science Photo Library

The Lewis Blood Group System and Secretor Status

Malcolm Needs CSci FIBMS, formerly of the NHSBT, delves into the history and science of a notable blood group system.

Discovering the double helix

A look back in time to the history of the discovery of DNA and its structure – work which would change medicine and science forever.

The big question: "What are your professional 2019 New Year resolutions?"

This month we ask Jill Rodney, Rob Dabrowski and Hayley Pincott what their professional 2019 New Year resolutions are. 

The ten plagues of Egypt

Stephen Mortlock asks if the 10 plagues of Egypt were the result of an ecological domino effect or divine intervention?

Clinical chemistry classics: tumour markers

This series on tumour markers concludes with a review of pioneering work in the development, analysis and clinical application of an important serum tumour marker – prostate specific antigen.

Cutting-edge research pt.3

The IBMS has awarded five research grants this year. Here the final two successful candidates outline the work that they are undertaking.

Laboratory diagnostic test enters clinical practice

A blood test that improves the management pre-eclampsia has been introduced into routine practice, write Laboratory Manager Tim James and Consultant Obstetrician Manu Vatish.

A concise history of art

To mark the year that the first test tube baby, Louise Brown, turned 40, independent researcher Zara Josephs, looks back over the history of artificial reproductive technology.

New trojan horse antibiotic

Simon Portsmouth explains the latest trials of a hopeful new antibiotic and looks at the ongoing fight against drug-resistant bacteria.

From professional to patient

Three scientists tell their personal stories of being diagnosed with chronic illnesses and how the transition from professional to patient has affected their work and lives.