Jaxon Moran and Emily Jones

My Lab: Flow cytometry laboratory

Jaxon Moran and Emily Jones give a guided tour of the Flow Cytometry Laboratory at Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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Beware of the dog bite

Principal Biomedical Scientist Advanced Practitioner in Morphology Nicki Lawrence looks at three case studies of patients who were bitten by dogs and developed a Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection.

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The impact of biomedical scientists on patient outcomes

Aimee Pinnington, Lecturer in Biomedical Science at Keele University, outlines the results of her study on the education, training and development pathways shaping the workforce to improve patient care.

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Building pathology’s future

Pathology services in Dorset have been through significant transformations, including the new-build pathology hub on the Bournemouth site. Director for One Dorset Pathology Stephen Harding talks us through the journey.

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Newborn screening

Dr Ben Sholademi, a Senior Clinical Scientist, looks at the work carried out at the Regional Newborn Screening Laboratory.

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Influenza A(H1N2)V

Claire Atkinson, a Lecturer in Biomedical Science at London South Bank University, on the recent detection of influenza A(H1N2).

Antimicrobial resistance and infection control

Following the publication of a paper that shows bleach is ineffective at killing Clostridioides difficile, we look back over the history of antimicrobial resistance, discuss current infection control measures and ask whether increasing resistance is the most serious crisis facing humanity.

EQA oversight and escalation

Rev Dr Gordon Sinclair, Dr Barbara De la Salle and Liam Whitby look at external quality assessment details and processes.

T-acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Healthcare Science Section Lead in Haematology and Haemostasis Michelle Bolam presents a case study.

Death and disease amongst the rich and shameless

Stephen Mortlock looks at health and wealth through the ages, from peasant diets in the 15th century to rockstar plane crashes and political assassinations.

IBMS awards

IBMS Awards open for entries

The inaugural Institute of Biomedical Science Awards are open for entries.