Proud of our progress

David Wells, IBMS Chief Executive, takes a look at where the Institute is and where it’s heading.



IBMS research grants 2022

The four recipients of IBMS research grants in 2022 explain their projects and the impact they hope their work will have.

The big question: The biomedical science workforce

This month we ask “How can we solve the workforce shortage in biomedical science?”

Pushing back the frontiers with "click chemistry"

Ben Schumann discusses his work and the potential to understand the complex molecular and cellular processes at work in diseases.

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Tech news: May 2022

This month's top tech news stories

Tech news: April 2022

This month's top tech news stories

Tech news: March 2022

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My lab: a hub-and-spoke network

Consultant Clinical Biochemist Dr Allison Chipchase gives a guided tour of the Eastern Pathology Alliance laboratories.

Here to help: publishing in the journal

To mark the anniversary of the British Journal of Biomedical Science moving to a new publisher and becoming gold open access, Simon Hoggart explains how members can submit their work to the journal for free.

My lab: specialist testing services

Phil Cummings, Training Manager, and Herbert Tsuro, Project Lead, give a guided tour of blood transfusion laboratories in Leeds.