Under the microscope: bioelectronic medicine

This month: Bioelectronic medicine

Editorial: Change for Cytology

The dedicated and passionate workforce deserves the care and respect it gives patients.




My lab: Cervical Screening Department

Cytology Manager Kay Ellis gives a guided tour of her department at Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

A guide to Ferguson-Smith disease

What is Ferguson-Smith disease and how can it be distinguished from cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma? Chartered Scientist Jakub Jawny discusses his research.

Clinical chemistry classics: tumour markers

The series on tumour markers continues with a brief review of pioneering work in the development, analysis and clinical application of an important serum tumour marker- CA19-9.

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Protocol 3 automated colony counter

Synbiosis, a long-established, expert manufacturer of automated microbiological systems, is pleased to announce its ProtoCOL 3 automated colony counter is being used at a major teaching hospital in London.

Evaluating antibody disks

EUCAST has evaluated the quality of 16 antimicrobial susceptibility test (AST) discs from nine manufacturers against EUCAST targets and ranges for relevant quality control strains.

Personalised pathology solutions

CliniSys’ Pathology Relationship Management (PRM) solution has been specifically designed to support healthcare professionals and the business of pathology.



The Big Question: How could Brexit impact laboratory supply chains and continuity?

Three people voice their opinions on how Brexit could impact laboratory supply chains and continuity.

“The Nutty Professor?”

Professor David Nutt was working for the Labour government when he was forced to resign for his contentious views on drugs. Ten years on, we catch up with him.

How can you help us?

This month’s article is a little bit different. Instead of writing about helping you, Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Deputy Executive Head of Education, would like to invite you to help her team.