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Sarah May, Deputy Chief Executive of the IBMS, on a new consultation and the future of regulation.



Some personal thoughts on travel

We asked biomedical scientist and intrepid traveller Sue Alexander her plans and opinions on travel as the world starts to open up again. Here’s what she said.

Australia's battle with Covid

Professor Adrian Esterman, Chair of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of South Australia, looks at the current situation.

A European perspective

Fernando Mendes, President of the European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science, on the essential role of biomedical scientists in healthcare systems.

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My lab: Centre for advanced dissection

Kinjal Patel, Advanced Practitioner in Histological Dissection, gives a guided tour of her lab at Charing Cross Hospital.

Here to help: The online future

Jocelyn Pryce, Deputy Head of Education at the IBMS, with the latest online developments.

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