Tech news: June

Latest tech news for June.

What’s in a name?

The role of the biomedical scientist has evolved, but more work is needed to change public awareness.


  • Blood test for colon cancer?

    If caught early, nearly all cases of colon cancer are curable. However, colon cancer screening suffers from a combination of low compliance rates and over-diagnosis.

  • Scientists grow perfect human blood vessels

    Scientists have managed to grow perfect human blood vessels as organoids in a petri dish for the first time.

  • Virus reactivation after transplantation

    A new study challenges long-held theories of why a common virus can reactivate and become a life-threatening infection in people with a compromised immune system, including blood cancer patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.


What is encephalitis?

A nuts-and-bolts guide to the inflammatory brain condition, by Dr Ava Easton, the Chief Executive Officer of the Encephalitis Society.


Biomedical Science Day across the four nations

As part of this year’s Biomedical Science Day celebrations on Thursday 20 June, we have asked a hospital in each of the four nations to take the lead in promoting the excellent work of our profession. Each hub will showcase a laboratory and inform the public, patients and other hospital staff about their work at the heart of healthcare.

Discussing the heart of the matter

Dr David C Gaze looks at the history and issues surrounding adopting high-sensitivity cardiac troponin testing.

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Tech news: May

Latest tech news for May.

CRISPR/Cas9 Genetic Engineering

CRISPR/Cas9 Genetic Engineering – How Gilson Manual and Automated Pipetting Tools Facilitate the Process

Autoimmunity symposium

Autoimmunity symposium

To celebrate the launch of the Zenit PRO, Menarini Diagnostics hosted an Autoimmunity symposium. This was attended by scientific staff from across the country despite very challenging weather conditions. The following is an account by Ms Amani Elhouderi of Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust; reflecting on the day’s events.



June journal-based learning exercises

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Here to help: Journey to the Institute

Emma-Jane Plews has joined the IBMS in the role of Education Manager. Here she gives a short introduction of her path into the role.


My lab: Rotherham biochemistry department

Senior Biomedical Scientist and Pathology Research Coordinator Holly Neill gives a guided tour of her laboratory.