Communicating what we do

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells on why it is important for the Institute to inform members of exactly what it does.



Mystery and medicine of native Americans

Stephen Mortlock casts an eye back over history and the healthcare practices of the Native Americans.

The neonatal blood film

As at any other time in life, examination of a blood film in a neonate can be very informative. It is important that films are interpreted in the context of the clinical details and the blood count. It is also necessary to consider the period of gestation of the neonate at birth, since what is normal differs in term and preterm babies, particularly for those born before 28 weeks’ gestation.

The big question: newly qualified biomedical scientists

This month we ask “What is the most vital skill or attribute for a newly qualified biomedical scientist to possess”

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My lab: From flu to Covid to monkeypox

Panagiotis Pantelidis gives a guided tour of Infection and Immunity Sciences at North West London Pathology.

Here to help: on being a verifier

Tahmina Hussain writes about her experiences of being a verifier for the IBMS and why others should get involved.

My lab: a busy multi-site facility

Biomedical Scientist Team Leader Liam Morrissey gives a guided tour of blood sciences at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.