Fear of the needle

With a new report showing increasing scepticism around the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, we look at the social drivers behind this shift and ask what can be done to increase uptake.

Testing times for microbial technology

Microbiologist Mark Wilks looks at some of the themes of the recent conference of the British Society for Microbial Technology.

UKAS processes and maintaining accreditation

Senior Assessment Managers John Ringrow and Al Bryant give an update with the latest from UKAS. 

Flow cytometry challenges

Clinical Scientist Helen Watson explains the challenges faced working in a leading haematopoietic stem cell transplantation centre.

British Journal of Biomedical Science, Issue 3 2019 – a synopsis

Editor Andrew Blann outlines the content of the summer issue of the journal.

Cost-effective practices in Ghana

Associate Practitioner in blood science Christina Silby discusses the lessons learned from a recent trip volunteering in a Ghanaian laboratory.

Advanced healthcare science careers within microbiology

Deputy Laboratory Manager Francis Yongblah looks at future opportunities from the perspective of a senior biomedical scientist working to advance their role.

Synthetic DNA from extraterrestrial intelligence to future biomolecules

Following the creation of artificial E. coli, we look at the history of those pushing the boundaries in the field of synthetic biology

Point-of-care testing

Nicky Hollowood from Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust writes about the importance of software developments in point-of-care testing services.

Top five congress tips

There are many reasons to attend Congress. If you haven’t yet booked your place, here are some things you may want to consider.

War on cancer pt. 3

The final instalment of a short series, which briefly reviews the historical developments in cancer treatment, covering recent approaches, such as targeted therapy and genetic profiling.