My lab: Cervical Screening Department

Cytology Manager Kay Ellis gives a guided tour of her department at Royal Hallamshire Hospital Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

A guide to Ferguson-Smith disease

What is Ferguson-Smith disease and how can it be distinguished from cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma? Chartered Scientist Jakub Jawny discusses his research.

Cutting-edge research pt.2

The IBMS has awarded five research grants this year. Here, the third successful candidate outlines the work he is undertaking.

Clinical chemistry classics: tumour markers

The series on tumour markers continues with a brief review of pioneering work in the development, analysis and clinical application of an important serum tumour marker- CA19-9.

Total digital pathology

A histopathology lab in Leeds is the first of its kind to go 100% digital. Here we mark the milestone, while Chloe Lockwood explains the workflow and Basharat Hussain unpicks some of the challenges that were overcome.

Myths and Mysteries of Creating Pathology Networks

Pathology services across the country continue to be under pressure to deliver more for less by forming networks, consolidating services and incorporating new tests, modern workflows and technologies. 

Cutting-edge research pt.1

The IBMS has awarded five research grants this year. Here, the first two successful candidates outline the work they are undertaking.

A blueprint for the future

Bill Bartlett and Paul Hawkins on transforming NHSScotland’s laboratory medicine services.

Ebola epidemic returns

Two years after the end of the most widespread Ebola epidemic in history and with a new outbreak in East Africa, what can we learn from those on the frontline?

The birth of modern medicine

How an unintentional discovery in a messy lab ushered in a new era for infectious diseases.

My lab: red cell immunohaematology

Kate Griffiths gives a guided tour of her lab at the headquarters of the Welsh Blood Service.