IBMS research grants 2022

The four recipients of IBMS research grants in 2022 explain their projects and the impact they hope their work will have.

Navigating diagnostics: Will testing leave the lab and move to the community

On the back of a new report on the future of diagnostics, we look at whether lab services are likely to be moved out into the community.

The big question: The biomedical science workforce

This month we ask “How can we solve the workforce shortage in biomedical science?”

Pushing back the frontiers with "click chemistry"

Ben Schumann discusses his work and the potential to understand the complex molecular and cellular processes at work in diseases.

The HSD developing specialist skills

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Naveed Sadia outlines her preparations for the Higher Specialist Diploma and her hopes for how it will benefit her career.

Education, development and knowledge acquisition

It’s not about winning, it’s about the journey and what we learn along the path of that journey that really matters, writes Dr Guy Orchard.

Follow the drum

Stephen Mortlock delves into military medicine in the ancient and medieval world.

Three placements

Elesha George, a fourth-year student at Aberdeen’s Robert Gordon University, talks through a year of very different placements.

Secondary malignancy: a case study

Healthcare Science Section Lead Michelle Bolam presents a case study in which a patient with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia was later diagnosed with chronic myeloid leukaemia.

Quality assurance: pharmaceutical research and development

Nigel Crossland takes a deep dive into the world of pharmaceutical development and quality assurance.

Recent advances in biomedical science

Deputy Editor Andrew Blann summarises some articles recently published in the British Journal of Biomedical Science.