October journal-based learning exercises

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Here to Help: Higher Specialist Diplomas

The first of two articles in which Chris Ward, the IBMS’ Head of Examinations, outlines the latest developments around Higher Specialist Diplomas.

My Lab: major trauma centre

Rizwan Shakir gives a guided tour of his laboratory at the Royal Preston Hospital.

Sepsis and antibiotics

The ADAPT-Sepsis Trial Coordinating team explains how NHS biochemistry teams are leading in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Q&A the importance of failure

Leslie McIntosh, co-author of a new report into improving scientific research, answers questions on reproducibility, falsifiability and methods.

The IBMS Biopod

Over the coming months, the IBMS is due to launch it’s own podcast – the IBMS Biopod.

Implementing digital pathology

Following her plenary session at IBMS Congress 2019 on “Total digital pathology”, Chloe Knowles looks at the lessons learned from her laboratory’s transition to scanning slides.

How to… get children interested in biomedical science

Matt Wilven, Communications Officer at the IBMS, gives practical tips and guidance on how to engage with youngsters.

The art of science

Here is a selection of agar art submitted in the latest IBMS online competition.

Gone surfing

Goodbye to the controversial chemist who won the Nobel Prize for inventing the polymerase chain reaction and ushering in the genomic era, while being an LSD-dropping, climate-change-denying, astrology-believing surfer, with a penchant for women and wine.

Emergency and disaster situations

Warren Johns is one of the authors of the WHO book: Health laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situations. He talks about his experiences, followed by a review of the book by Neil Bentley OBE from the National Infection Services.