Emergency and disaster situations

Warren Johns is one of the authors of the WHO book: Health laboratory facilities in emergency and disaster situations. He talks about his experiences, followed by a review of the book by Neil Bentley OBE from the National Infection Services.

Sustainable pathology

With climate change and sustainability becoming a significant focal point for any sector, it’s hard to ignore healthcare’s need for transformation, argues Specialist Biomedical Scientist Carmen Holmberg.

Here to Help: Education and training standards

Now that September is here, Jocelyn Pryce, Deputy Head of Education at the IBMS, gives an update.

Dolly the manmade sheep

In an exclusive interview, Sir Ian Wilmut discusses genetic engineering, his recent Parkinson’s diagnosis and, of course, the most famous sheep in the world.

My Lab: Microbiology’s one-stop-shop

Daniel Weiand, Consultant Microbiologist and Educational Lead, gives a guided tour of his laboratory in Newcastle.

Engaging with stem

Hayley Pincott, an Associate Practitioner in oral pathology and microbiology, and Siobhan Taylor, a Clinical Scientist in histology, look at how to raise the profile of the profession.

Obituary: former IBMS President Eric James Cloke

Eric James Cloke, known by all as “Jim”, was the President of the Institute from 1988 to 1991. 

Testing times for microbial technology

Microbiologist Mark Wilks looks at some of the themes of the recent conference of the British Society for Microbial Technology.

UKAS processes and maintaining accreditation

Senior Assessment Managers John Ringrow and Al Bryant give an update with the latest from UKAS. 

Flow cytometry challenges

Clinical Scientist Helen Watson explains the challenges faced working in a leading haematopoietic stem cell transplantation centre.

British Journal of Biomedical Science, Issue 3 2019 – a synopsis

Editor Andrew Blann outlines the content of the summer issue of the journal.