How to…find, keep and develop band 6 scientists

Immunology and Blood Sciences Laboratory Manager Penny Feather gives guidance for recruiting and retaining specialist biomedical scientists.

British Journal of Biomedical Science: second quarter 2022

Deputy Editor Dr Mark Hajjawi gives a round-up of the papers published over recent months.

Review, refresh and reimagine

A look back at how the Blood Stocks Management Scheme has evolved over the last two decades, some recent achievements, and what is planned for the next 20 years.

The san people of the kalahari desert

Stephen Mortlock looks at the health, history and medicine of a diverse group of hunter-gatherers from southern Africa.

Covid-19 and haemostasis screening: the expected and the unexpected

Senior Biomedical Scientist Clare Wigley and colleagues take us through how their lab processes and workflow changed during the waves of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Just my type: can blood type affect personality?

Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science at the University of Sunderland Martin Maley explores the issues and puts a theory to the test.

The big question: how should we encourage and retain more biomedical support staff?

How should we encourage and retain more biomedical support staff?

How to... implement an automated system

Higher Specialist Biomedical Scientist at Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust Charlotte Atkin walks us through the process of implementing a new system in her laboratory.

Paget’s disease of bone

This is the tenth in a series of short biographies of persons whose names are directly used for diseases, conditions or syndromes familiar to those in clinical pathology laboratories.

Male hypergonadism: a case study

Madihah Abbas, Specialist Biochemistry Team Manager at The Christie Pathology Partnership, presents a case study of a 50-year-old male patient.

Which drugs work?

The story of a pioneering randomised trial that was launched at speed and has saved well over a million lives through identifying which medicines helped in the fight against COVID-19 and which were of no clinical benefit.