Some personal thoughts on travel

We asked biomedical scientist and intrepid traveller Sue Alexander her plans and opinions on travel as the world starts to open up again. Here’s what she said.

Australia's battle with Covid

Professor Adrian Esterman, Chair of Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the University of South Australia, looks at the current situation.

A European perspective

Fernando Mendes, President of the European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science, on the essential role of biomedical scientists in healthcare systems.

Rise of the resistance

Kip Heath, Lead Healthcare Scientist, Public Engagement Lead and stand-up comedian, introduces a project to raise public awareness of antimicrobial resistance.

Genomic medicine: Coming to the clinic near you?

Dr Rameen Shakur takes a look at how biomedical science and genomics are playing a part in real-world clinical cardiology.

Can computer games revolutionise pathology?

We look at whether gamers around the world can be pivotal in the research and innovation that forms the basis of our fight against diseases.

Dogs vs LFTs

Specially trained dogs can detect COVID-19  from sweat, which has implications for how testing takes place in a places, such as airports, explains vet and researcher, Dominique Grandjean.

The evolution of quality assessment

In 2011, UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique (CPT) carried out tests across four schemes – it now covers 12 schemes with two in the pipeline. We hear from Chantell Hodgson, UK NEQAS CPT Scheme Manager.

Virtual support

Last year, the IBMS Support Hub was set up to support members. Here Jocelyn Pryce, Tahmina Hussain and Mike Carter explain why it was launched and the vital resource it has proved to be.

Help, what is it?

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Anas Nasir on how and why he started posting blood films on social media and what happened next.

Come together

After one of the most challenging years in our professional history, we’re looking forward to celebrating Biomedical Science Day 2021.