Apprenticeships opening doors

The blending of vocational learning and academic education is commonplace within biomedical scientist education, and so the recent emergence of the degree apprenticeship agenda offers exciting opportunities, write Ian Davies and Katie Berger.

The sun does not set

After last year’s article on a CPD trip to Antarctica, Pathology Services Manager Sue Alexander sets sail again, this time for the Arctic.

From lecture to lab

Transfusion Practitioner Lisa McKain and Haematology Operations Manager Lorna Philpotts look at the application of academic learning in professional practice.

Reflections of a Quality Manager pt.1

Mairiead MacLennan looks back over the changes in diagnostic laboratory accreditation that have come into force over recent years.

How to...create pathways through partnership

Neville McClenaghan outlines how Ulster University, in partnership with the Institute of Technology Sligo, has established a new suite of innovative online undergraduate programmes.

The future is genomic

Now the 100,000 Genomes Project has hit its target, what comes next? We look at whether we are on the cusp of a genomic revolution.

War on cancer PT 1: the development of chemotherapy to 1950

A review of the early historical development and use of chemotherapy to treat different cancers. The phrase “war on cancer” refers to the recognition of cancer as a major cause of death and the need to act, resulting in increased funding, clinical trials and the development of more effective treatments.

The Lewis Blood Group System and Secretor Status

Malcolm Needs CSci FIBMS, formerly of the NHSBT, delves into the history and science of a notable blood group system.

Clopidogrel and CYP2C19 genotyping: a genomic perspective

Ibrahim Nakibingé looks into one of the first generation of adenosine diphosphate receptor antagonists.

Discovering the double helix

A look back in time to the history of the discovery of DNA and its structure – work which would change medicine and science forever.

The big question: "What are your professional 2019 New Year resolutions?"

This month we ask Jill Rodney, Rob Dabrowski and Hayley Pincott what their professional 2019 New Year resolutions are.