Biomedical Scientist specialist training

Blood Sciences Manager Victoria Moyse looks at how to deliver and recognise specialist training.

Rare testicular tumour: a case study

Louise Greenhalgh, a Specialist Biomedical Scientist in Cellular Pathology, presents a case study of a cancer with less than 50 examples reported in the literature.

Pre-eclampsia blood test

How an integrated team improved the safety of mothers and babies using angiogenic biomarkers for pre-eclampsia.

The rise of POCT

We look at the rapid ascent of POCT – the tests that are redefining diagnostics and breaking down barriers between laboratories and patients.

Understanding pre-analytics: linking labs to wards

Wisdom Musabaike and Malti Nakrani from Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children outline a project to reduce the number of pre-analytical errors.

Reptilian muscles

Biologist Dr Rui Diogo discusses the discovery of embryonic hand muscles and their evolutionary implications.

October journal-based learning exercises

Please select your choice of correct answers and complete the exercises online at:

The IBMS Biopod

Over the coming months, the IBMS is due to launch it’s own podcast – the IBMS Biopod.

Implementing digital pathology

Following her plenary session at IBMS Congress 2019 on “Total digital pathology”, Chloe Knowles looks at the lessons learned from her laboratory’s transition to scanning slides.

How to… get children interested in biomedical science

Matt Wilven, Communications Officer at the IBMS, gives practical tips and guidance on how to engage with youngsters.

The art of science

Here is a selection of agar art submitted in the latest IBMS online competition.