Rethinking approaches to learning

Senior Lecturer Paul Orsmond and Healthcare Science Course Leader Ian Davies reconsider practitioner learning, with the focus on the learner and their participation in practices. 

Talking about my generation

Biomedical science student Iggy Mason on why Generation Z offers a fresh perspective on biomedical science.

IBMS in the pandemic

At a time when biomedical science has never had a more public profile, the IBMS has been working hard in the media and with government to promote the role of its members. IBMS President Allan Wilson explains the measures the institute has taken.

Here to help: an education update

Richardia Penn and Jocelyn Pryce from the IBMS Education Department give an overview of the latest developments. 

My Lab: at the forefront of medicine

Maryam Shaikh gives a guided tour of her laboratory at The Royal London Hospital.

Editorial: the need for interaction

Sarah May, the Deputy Chief Executive of the IBMS, on the value of shared experiences.

My lab: The busiest thoracic centre in the UK

Clare McCann gives a guided tour of her laboratory at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank, near Glasgow.

Here-to-help: Verification guidance

Here are a few hints and tips compiled by Jocelyn Pryce and Hugh Baillie-Lane of the IBMS Education Department.

Here to help: Virtual verification

IBMS Deputy Head of Education Jocelyn Pryce explains the new verification process and the impact that it had in just a few weeks.