Rethink the lateral flow test roll-out?

Professor Iain Buchan argues that lateral flow tests have been misunderstood and are a useful tool in the fight against COVID-19.

The big question: What are the most positive things to come out if the pandemic for you?

This month we ask “What are the most positive things to come out of the pandemic for you?”

My lab: Flexible and resilient

Patrick Simms, a Senior Biomedical Scientist in Biochemistry, gives a guided tour of the pathology labs in Weston.

Here to help: Verifications and examinations

Education Officer Tom Mason outlines the latest updates and developments from the IBMS Education Department.

Everyday people

Sarah May, Deputy Chief Executive of the IBMS, thanks the usually overlooked workers who have kept us safe in the pandemic.

The big question: How do you think the public has coped with the last year of lockdowns and social restrictions?

This month we ask “How do you think the public has coped with the last year of lockdowns and social restrictions?”

Speak out and speak up

Sarah May says a sad farewell to IBMS Chief Executive Jill Rodney, who is leaving after a decade at the Institute.

My lab: The beating heart of quality blood supply

Charlotte Felton, Senior Healthcare Technical Officer, gives a guided tour of the Manchester Blood Centre.

My Lab: One unified department

Deputy Quality Manager Richard Lovie gives a guided tour of the laboratories at York Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Here to help: a constructive legacy

Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Deputy Head of Education, hopes to build on the successful progress made during 2020.

Council elections: your chance to shape the future

The IBMS prides itself on being a professional body that is run by its members for its members. The IBMS Council is elected by Institute members to make key decisions, provide leadership for the profession and effective and transparent governance, as well as be a compelling advocate on their behalf.