neutrophil cell trapping bacteria Image Credit | Science Photo Library-p2760184

Cancer and stress breakthrough

Stress hormones can trigger the formation of structures that make body tissues more susceptible to metastasis, research has found.

Tech news: April 2024

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Fruit Fly, Drosophilidae Image Credit | shutterstock- 682007272

Under the microscope: bam15

This month: BAM15

The lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros)-Image Credit | istock-816193242

Bat swarming and immunity

Bats carry some of the deadliest zoonotic diseases that can infect both humans and animals, such as Ebola and COVID-19.

The lesser horseshoe bat (Rhinolophus hipposideros)-Image Credit | istock-816193242

Bat swarming and immunity

A research team has now revealed that some species of bats are protected against the viruses they carry because they commonly exchange immune genes during seasonal mating swarms.

Pancreas or pancreatic cancer with organs and tumors or cancerous cells 3D rendering illustration with male bodyImage Credit | istock-1467893187

Fibroblast cells and pancreatic cancer growth

The US study provides clues as to why pancreatic cancer is more common and aggressive in older people.

medically accurate illustration of human sperms-Image Credit | Science Photo Library - 319477082

Reversible, non-hormonal male birth control

The researchers demonstrate that treating male mice with an existing class of drugs, HDAC (histone deacetylase) inhibitors, can interrupt the function of this protein complex and block fe

adeno associated virus capsid-Image Credit | Science Photo Library - c0142837

Examining the medical mystery of child hepatitis outbreak

The outbreak affected only children under the age of 10.

genetics mutations cancer - CREDIT - alamy-2jkftm9

The evolution of cancer

The Louis-Jeantet Foundation based in Geneva in Switzerland awards prizes each year to cutting-edge biomedical research programmes in progress across Europe.

Technician holding a blood sample ready for testing with other human medical samples in the background.-Image credit - Science-Photo-Library-f0243823

Machine learning tool to detect cancer via liquid biopsy

“This new technology gets us closer to a world where people will receive a blood test annually to detect cancer earlier when it is more treatable and possibly curable,” said Cristian Toma

Robotic hand with handgun aiming in wrong direction. Fatal AI error - Image credit - Shutterstock-2309476357

Tissue contamination distracts AI

They trained a fourth AI model to detect prostate cancer in tissues collected from needle biopsies.

3D culture-images cellvoyager high content analysis system cq3000

Tech news: March 2024

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

3D culture images