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Tech round up

Best new tech this month


Menarini Diagnostics


The AFIAS-10 is Menarini UK’s flexible, cost-effective, all-in-one solution aimed to improve turnaround times.

With ready-to-use cartridges, quick assay times and automatic sample dispensing, this system will enable labs to improve testing turnaround times by up to two weeks.

It has the ability to process up to 10 samples and 10 different tests at once, with over 50 different assays, such as IGRA TB testing, biological therapeutic drug monitoring and cardiac markers.

This multifunctional platform can be placed in different departments, including point of care, due to its ease of use, wide range of assays and multiple tests on the same sample enabling clearer decision-making.

Ondine Biomedical

Light-activated antimicrobial

Ondine Biomedical has pioneered light-activated antimicrobial technology to replace traditional antibiotics that generate resistance.

The company is focused on decolonising the nose – a major reservoir of pathogens – prior to surgery. Ondine’s Steriwave destroys pathogens by stimulating an “oxidative burst” that eliminates pathogens so rapidly that they do not have the opportunity to develop resistance. The patented light-activated antimicrobial has a CE mark in the UK and EU.


TEC132 Scientist operates ReactALL- CREDIT-Technobis

Reaction screening

Laboratory technology developer Technobis has released ReactALL, an innovative benchtop multiple reactor system for medium-throughput experimentation, helping scientists tap into the under-utilised nights and weekends. ReactALL uses novel integrated automated sampling technology to accelerate chemical reaction screening, optimisation, route scouting, reaction profiling and kinetics.

Image credit | Technobis  | Menarini-UK

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