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Tech news: February 2024

This month's top tech news stories

Potassium measurement -photo-tenor

Ohaus Corporation

Semi-Micro balances

Ohaus Corporation, a leading worldwide manufacturer of weighing products, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments, has launched the new Adventurer series Semi-Micro balances, providing additional functionality, improved data reporting, and increased reliability. The Adventurer Semi-Micro balances are powered by the Adventurer AX operating system, which provides new capabilities, more functionality, and increased precision.


Potassium measurement

CardioRenal and CHU Grenoble Alpes have announced an innovation that allows chronically ill patients to measure their blood potassium levels. The Tenor device enables patients to measure their blood potassium levels at home, in a similar manner to the way in which diabetic patients conduct blood sugar self-tests. Currently under development, Tenor is designed for patients with renal or cardiac insufficiency. Within minutes, it performs a precise potassium measurement.

Horiba Medical

Automated Haematology horiba medical layers

Automated haematology

Horiba Medical has launched the new HELO 2.0 high throughput automated haematology platform, which is CE-IVDR approved. This new generation high-end haematology range has been designed in consultation with customers to further improve and cover all needs of high-throughput fully automated haematology. HELO 2.0 offers a highly flexible and efficient modular haematology solution that is fully scalable with many possible configurations for mid-to large-scale laboratories. Horiba’s advanced technologies embedded in the platform’s Yumizen H2500 and Yumizen H1500 analysers ensure high-quality analytical performance.


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