March 2024

Under the microscope: The X chromosome

This month: The X chromosome

The evolution of cancer

Charlie Swanton outlines the work in cancer research that led to him being awarded a 2024 Louis-Jeantet Prize for translational medicine.

Machine learning tool to detect cancer via liquid biopsy

US researchers have developed and tested an innovative machine-learning approach that could one day enable the earlier detection of cancer in patients by using smaller blood draws.

Tissue contamination distracts AI

In a new study, scientists trained three AI models to scan microscope slides of placenta tissue to detect blood vessel damage, estimate gestational age and classify macroscopic lesions.

Tech news: March 2024

This month's top tech news stories

Iodine antiseptic and surgical-site infections

A large multicentre clinical trial found that an antiseptic containing iodine resulted in about one-quarter fewer post-surgical infections in patients with limb fractures compared to another frequently used skin antiseptic.

Activating genes using CRISPR technology

There are over 7000 different rare genetic diseases, and often it can be a significant challenge and take a long time to receive a correct diagnosis.

My lab: haematology department

Haematology Operational Manager Stacy Burrows gives a guided tour of her lab at the Mersey and West Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.

A new female president

We celebrate the IBMS presidency being passed from woman to woman for the first time.

IBMS Support Hubs

IBMS Executive Head of Education Sue Jones discusses the role of the IBMS Support Hub webinars and outlines plans for 2024.

IBMS research grants

We look at the work of Dr Mosavar Farahani who received an IBMS Research Grant in 2023 to help fund her work on disease progression and skeletal complications in multiple myeloma.