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IBMS Support Hubs

IBMS Executive Head of Education Sue Jones discusses the role of the IBMS Support Hub webinars and outlines plans for 2024.

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In 2022, IBMS Council member Tahmina Hussain published an article in the Biomedical Scientist with Martyn Hickson on the perceived skills gap in pathology laboratories, and the impact this has on the workforce and service delivery. Further feedback from higher education institutions and employers, as well as undergraduates and graduates, revealed a demand for advice and career options.

Tahmina and I have since been working on several ways that the IBMS can address these issues for our members. One such initiative has been the re-introduction of the IBMS Support Hub webinar series.

The Support Hubs in 2023 were led by Tahmina, IBMS Head of Digital Education, Jim Taylor and me, with topics chosen to cover some of the most pressing skills gaps identified from Tahmina and Martyn’s original survey.

The 2023 IBMS Support Hub series offered support for members interested in becoming biomedical scientists, gaining HCPC registration and furthering their careers in biomedical science. In her study, Tahmina found that employers wanted graduates to have more knowledge of quality management, UKAS and the role of pathology in patient care. This was the focus of a support hub. Other sessions provided advice on creating CVs and preparing for interviews, as well as exploring “bigger picture” questions, such as the meaning of sustainability in a laboratory context, how to avoid plagiarism and preparing for a CPD audit.

This year, the webinar series will be returning with a brand-new set of topics. The 2024 Support Hubs aim to address areas that colleagues raised with us at Congress or in previous support hub sessions. We have organised a collection of engaging and informative sessions, which will run from March to December 2024, covering topics including neurodiversity in the workplace, inter-professional learning, returning to practice and leadership in pathology.

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We will also offer support for colleagues undertaking higher and specialist qualifications with the Institute by hosting sessions on academic writing for higher qualifications, plus advanced IBMS qualifications and the role of a consultant biomedical scientist.

In addition to supporting current students, apprentices, trainees and new graduates to better meet the requirements of employers, the Support Hubs will also provide information and advice for colleagues who are more advanced in their career pathway. The support hubs provide a regular opportunity for IBMS members to engage with colleagues from around the UK online to improve their networks and share good practice. They also help the Institute to offer useful and targeted guidance and support for a range of our members.

For further information on the 2024 Support Hub sessions, to register for future sessions or watch previous sessions, please visit Details will also be communicated in future IBMS newsletters and social media posts.

If there are other topics that you would like to see covered in future Support

Hubs, then you can contact me via [email protected].

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