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Tech news: March 2024

This month's top tech news stories

3D culture-images cellvoyager high content analysis system cq3000

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

3D culture images

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has introduced the CQ3000 – a high-content analysis system for capturing high-definition 3D microscopic images of live cell cultures. It will be launched commercially later this year. The CQ3000 has been designed to capture 3D microscopic images in high definition at high speed. When used together with Yokogawa’s CellPathfinder image analysis software, it can quantify and analyse intracellular organelles to assess cellular reactions and the effects of drug compounds.



eLabNext, the provider of a digital lab platform with lab inventory management system, and Promega, a global leader in innovative technologies, are collaborating to make Promega’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) readily accessible through the eLabNext’s eLabMarketplace. This partnership will enable select protocols associated with Promega’s Wizard Extraction Chemistries, GoTaq Master Mixes, and Bioluminescence Glo Assays products to be hosted on eLabNext’s web-based protocol and SOP management platform.

Menarini Diagnostics


Tracking systems

Menarini Diagnostics has introduced two new tracking systems. The T-Tracker is an automatic rack scanner to enhance the cassette tracking process, both before and after tissue processing. Manual cassette scanning in the histology lab is a tedious, time-consuming and error-prone task; T-Tracker, with patented technology, eliminates the need to manually scan cassettes through complete automation of the process. The V-Tracker is an automatic vial scanner, designed to enhance traceability and speed up the specimen sorting and processing steps in the specimen reception area.


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