June 2021

Take-away diagnostics: Delivering the future?

After a rise in at-home tests and a fall in non-COVID-related hospital attendances during the pandemic, will a new era of diagnostics be ushered in as we return to normality? We look at the evidence.

Unintended consequences

Computational biologist Gregorio Alanis- Lobato highlights the need for greater awareness of and further research into the effects of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing.

The big question: multidisciplinary working

This month we ask: “What is the future of multidisciplinary working?”

The evolution of quality assessment

In 2011, UK NEQAS Cellular Pathology Technique (CPT) carried out tests across four schemes – it now covers 12 schemes with two in the pipeline. We hear from Chantell Hodgson, UK NEQAS CPT Scheme Manager.

Tech news: June

This month's top tech news stories

“Tumour-uninformed” blood test

A team of scientists has evaluated the first “tumour-uninformed” test that detects cancer DNA circulating in the blood of patients following treatment.

Ultrasonically oscillating biopsy needles

Modifying a biopsy needle to vibrate rapidly at 30,000 times per second improves yields and could mean potentially a less painful experience for patients.

Virtual support

Last year, the IBMS Support Hub was set up to support members. Here Jocelyn Pryce, Tahmina Hussain and Mike Carter explain why it was launched and the vital resource it has proved to be.

What's hot and what's not

What's hot and what's not this month 

Help, what is it?

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Anas Nasir on how and why he started posting blood films on social media and what happened next.

Graphite-based sensor for wearables

A team of scientists has developed a next-generation, graphene-based sensing technology using innovative G-Putty material.