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Tech news: June

This month's top tech news stories


Recirculating chiller

IKA has added a new device class to its portfolio of recirculating chillers. The RC 2 lite is compact, powerful and is a perfect addition to rotary evaporators, reflux coolers and cold traps. It is a new product class in addition to the well-known basic and control product ranges. The RC 2 lite has 400 watt cooling capacity and a pump pressure of 0.35 bar: the new chiller focuses on the essentials in every respect.



TB diagnosis

LIOFeron-TB/LTBI from Menarini Diagnostics is a novel aid in the diagnosis of tuberculosis infection. It is an in vitro blood IGRA, useful in the detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis – the bacteria causing tuberculosis (TB). The test is intended for use in conjunction with other medical and diagnostic evaluations. The LIOFeron-TB/LTBI kit is suitable to be performed on most open ELISA processors, including the DS2, allowing it to fit easily into the existing laboratory set up.




Viral vectors

ViroCell Biologics, the UK’s first clinical trial-focused viral vector manufacturer, has officially launched.

It aims to be the supplier of choice for viral vectors and gene-modified cells, to academic and corporate clients, for translational cell and gene therapies going into clinical trials.

One of the founders of ViroCell is Farzin Farzaneh, Professor of Molecular Medicine at King’s College London, and it expects to employ more than 50 professionals in the UK by the end of 2021.

Image credit | ViroCell Biologics

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