June 2023

Coronavirus is...

US research has found that during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google search autocompletes returned different results in Spanish and English.

Next generation cell and gene therapies

A new approach to the genetic engineering of cells promises significant improvements in speed, efficiency, and reduction in cellular toxicity compared to current methods, it is claimed.

Can existing antibiotics treat superbugs?

US researchers claim a test they have developed shows that readily available antibiotics can effectively treat superbugs.

My lab: A Biomedical Science Day lab

Joanna Andrew, Network Lead for Blood Sciences, gives a special guided tour of her trust’s Biomedical Science Day activities.

Digital portfolios, communication and online assessment

Donna Torrance, IBMS Head of Learning and Development, explores some common problems experienced with the move to digital portfolio submissions.

Biomedical Science Day 2023

With Biomedical Science Day nearly here, we look at the resources available for members and the competitions you can enter.

Men's health awareness

Stuart Dawe-Long, Senior Healthcare Scientist (Andrology Lead) and Clinical Andrologist at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, looks at some of the issues.

Pre-analytical errors

A look at the impacts of continual improvements in pre-analytical journey at Great Ormond Street’s laboratories.

Congress 2023: introducing highlights and new features

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive, outlines the exciting new additions to Congress 2023 and reveals some of the speakers.

It's in the blood: liquid biopsies

Liquid biopsies are gradually becoming common frontline clinical tools, but how likely is it that they will replace tissue biopsies, and what might that mean for lab staff?

New hope with malaria vaccine?

Katie Ewer, Professor of Vaccine Immunology, discusses her work on the first malaria vaccine to meet the WHO benchmark of at least 75% efficacy.