April 2020

"Cancer cells hibernate in lungs"

Healthy lung cells support the survival of breast cancer cells, allowing them to hibernate in the lung before forming secondary tumours.

"Childhood vaccines enhance cancer treatment"

Scientists claim new research shows that pre-immunisation, acquired through common childhood vaccines, can be used to enhance therapeutic cancer treatment.

Blood test for Alzheimer's

A point-of-care blood test is being developed to swiftly reveal if a patient with memory issues has Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment.

April science news in numbers

A breakdown of science news this month, in numbers.

Journal-based learning

Please select your choice of correct answers and complete the exercises online at: www.ibms.org/cpd/jbl

The emerging pandemic

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive, says that in times of panic and hysteria, we need to look at the evidence and listen to the scientists.

British Journal of Biomedical Science Synopsis

Deputy Editor Guy Orchard outlines the content in the latest issue, which includes a variety of subjects and a wide range of discipline-specific papers.

April tech news

Latest tech news for April.

Streptococcus outbreak

An outbreak of Streptococcus that killed 15 older people has been downgraded by the NHS after no new cases emerged for six months.

An ageing workforce

Biomedical Science Professional Managers Mairiead MacLennan and Jenny Smith look at the impact staff demographics can have on the delivery of laboratory services.

UKAS update

Ben Courtney, Head of Healthcare at UKAS, gives an update with the latest news from the service.