Blood test for colon cancer?

If caught early, nearly all cases of colon cancer are curable. However, colon cancer screening suffers from a combination of low compliance rates and over-diagnosis.

Scientists grow perfect human blood vessels

Scientists have managed to grow perfect human blood vessels as organoids in a petri dish for the first time.

Virus reactivation after transplantation

A new study challenges long-held theories of why a common virus can reactivate and become a life-threatening infection in people with a compromised immune system, including blood cancer patients undergoing bone marrow transplantation.

June news in numbers

A breakdown of science news this month, in numbers.

IBMS members win award

IBMS members Claire Cameron, Sarah Smith and Lynne Taylor won the Scottish Government Award at the Advancing Healthcare Awards (AHAwards).

Come Visit Our Laboratory

A new initiative called “Come Visit Our Laboratory” has been launched by the IBMS.

Free legal advice for members

One of the benefits of IBMS membership is access to its legal advice service at no extra cost.

Preventative antibiotics after assisted childbirth

Giving a single dose of preventative antibiotics to all women after childbirth involving forceps or vacuum extraction could prevent almost half of maternal infections.

Under the microscope: Wisdom

This month: Wisdom

Organ-on-a-chip breakthrough

A research team from Harvard has been able to carry out direct investigations of health and disease-related human-microbiome interactions, using an “organ-on-a-chip”.

Blood test for pregnant women

A new blood test to check for the potentially life-threatening condition pre-eclampsia will be available to women in England.