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Tech news: February


Antibody platform

A new self-labelling integral membrane (SLIM) protein discovery system has been announced. The novel method allows for the identification of antibodies against membrane proteins in their native configuration in mammalian cells, which could 
catalyse the discovery of new candidates for antibody-based therapies. SLIM Display implements a specific strategy to reduce false positives and ensures that confirmed binders only target physiological epitopes.


ZTA Biotech  
ELISA Protocol

A Budapest-based biotech startup, ZTA Biotech, has announced the breakthrough development of a COVID-19 antibody test using the ELISA protocol. This new detection method represents a great step forward in determining if patients have had COVID-19 and if they might still have immunity to the disease. Early results have proven 100% in specificity after testing 280 samples, and 100% sensitivity by testing 260 samples of recovered and symptomatic patients.


POCT for sepsis

Wideblue, a Scottish-based medical device development specialist, is working alongside customer Anasyst and Teesside University to develop a low-cost optical cavity absorption system, which could potentially speed up the diagnosis of sepsis by a significant factor. This device, which has been used as part of a clinical evaluation at an NHS hospital laboratory, passes light back and forth, within a sample, between two high-reflectivity mirrors to increase the pathlength and sensitivity.


Image Credit | Analysis Studio


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A new COVID-19 test that reduces testing time from 30 minutes to less than five and delivers accurate results has been developed by scientists at the University of Birmingham.

Response to COVID-19 reduced in patients with blood cancers

Patients with blood cancers vary in their immune response to COVID-19 and can struggle to clear infection for many weeks, according to new research published in Cancer Cell.

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Creating a COVID laboratory

Microbiology Service Lead Susan Lovegrove outlines the process of creating a new PCR laboratory at Black Country Pathology Services.