January 2024

Specialist diploma in molecular pathology

On behalf of the members of the Molecular Pathology Advisory Panel, Chair Dr Andrew Blann introduces the new Specialist Diploma.

Antimicrobial resistance and infection control

Following the publication of a paper that shows bleach is ineffective at killing Clostridioides difficile, we look back over the history of antimicrobial resistance, discuss current infection control measures and ask whether increasing resistance is the most serious crisis facing humanity.

The role of organelle repair in fighting infection

Research has found that cellular structures act as “molecular plasters” that protect against infections, such as tuberculosis. We talk to study co-author Claudio Bussi.

Leaving the laboratory

Amiee Allen looks at navigating continuing professional development in non-conventional healthcare scientist roles.

Tech news: January 2024

This month's top tech news stories

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever

Dr Arantza Portillo discusses the changing epidemiology of this tick-borne viral disease in Spain and looks at the future situation for the UK.

Health disinformation and generative AI

Government and industry action on generative AI is urgently needed to protect health and wellbeing, say Flinders University medical researchers.

Blood test may help detect cancers faster

New research shows blood tests used to hunt for cancer DNA may help detect cancers faster and guide the use of targeted therapies.

Fractional COVID-19 booster vaccines

Reducing the dose of a widely used COVID-19 booster vaccine produces a similar immune response in adults to a full-dose with fewer side effects, according to a new study.

How cancer cells use competition to evade the body’s defences

A Japanese team of scientists has examined the effects of the accumulation of stepwise gene mutations on cell competition and investigated its role in the cancer formation process.