Microbiology & Virology

A balanced approach to infection control

Mitchell Reed, a Microbiology Services Manager, discusses bringing previously outsourced microbiology tests back in-house.  

How to... share and promote your research

Public engagement can be intimidating and it is tempting to leave it to professors and professional communicators. But Anastasia Skamarauskas from Sense about Science says that standing up for science and being part of the public discussion is the responsibility of all researchers.

Microbiology lab refurbishment

The PHE Public Health Laboratory at Central Manchester University Hospitals (CMFT) has become the first microbiology laboratory in the North West to become automated using COPAN WASPLab (Walk Away Specimen Processor) technology.

New microscope launched

Olympus’ new BX53 microscope with True Colour LED provides bright, sharp images with excellent colour rendering performance equivalent to halogen lamps.

The big story: tales of the plague

Stephen Mortlock tells the tale of the plague that ravaged London and asks whether it was really stopped by the Great Fire.

Synopsis: British Journal Biomedical Science, issue 3 2017

Issue 3 of our journal is now completed. By the time you read this, the hardcopy may already have landed on your doormats. However, those of you who have been to the website will already have accessed and read some of the papers. Editor Andrew Blann outlines the content in the latest issue.

Microbiology: culture vs molecular

Microbiologist Dr Mark Wilks looks at the key themes and messages that emerged from this year’s British Society for Microbial Technology conference.

Can bacteria stop cancer drugs working?

The presence of particular microbes or enzymes could explain why some treatments are ineffective for some people.

The search for a Zika vaccine

Brazil has just announced that the Zika virus is no longer a public health emergency. We look back at the outbreak and forward to the attempts to create a vaccine.

My lab: teaching and research

Dr Lisa Coulthwaite, Principal Lecturer, School of Healthcare Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, takes a tour of the microbiology labs.

Google study underway

Project Baseline, run by Google spin-off Verily, will look at the genes and microbiomes of US volunteers.