IBMS strategy published

After consultation with its members, the IBMS has announced its new corporate strategy for 2018 to 2020.

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Scholarship now open for entries

IBMS members are being encouraged to apply for the Carol Briggs-Smalley Scholarship.

Under the microscope: Shutterstock

Gaming disorder: under the microscope

What is gaming disorder?

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£3.7m of undisclosed CCG payments

Publicly declared payments include sports match and pop concert tickets.

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Pfizer ends alzheimer's research

US-based Pfizer made the announcement in January and is expected to cut a total of about 300 jobs globally.

Beta cells strand

Blood glucose and type 1 diabetes

The researchers used an adeno-associated viral vector to deliver to the mouse pancreas two proteins, which reprogrammed plentiful alpha cells into functional, insulin-producing beta cells

People drinking alcohol

How alcohol damages DNA

Much previous research looking at the precise ways in which alcohol causes cancer has been done in cell cultures.

Triple negative breast cancer cell

Fighting breast cancer

The claim comes in a paper focused on triple negative breast cancer – the most aggressive and difficult-to-treat breast cancer.

Microneedles patch

Tech to tackle antibiotic resistance

The patches contain an array of tiny projections that penetrate the top layer of skin to deliver a drug.


Can cake cause epidemics?

Trehalose, which is commonly found in food such as cakes, nutrition bars and chewing gum, is being linked with two strains of the bacterium.

Science news in numbers

Science news in numbers: February

3 hospital trusts - Basildon, Southend and Broomfield are in talks to consider