Haematology & Transfusion Science

Serious Hazards of Transfusion

The Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT) scheme collects and analyses anonymised information reported 
in the UK about serious adverse reactions and events (SAE) related to blood transfusion, then makes recommendations to improve patient and transfusion safety.

Blood health awareness

The IBMS has been involved in a new campaign organised by Media Planet to promote blood health awareness. 

Developing in vitro diagnostic tests

The role of laboratory professionals in developing and implementing tests was central to a recent clinical research symposium.

HIV testing as standard for high-risk areas?

Werner Leber argues the case for having HIV testing rolled out as standard in high-risk areas. 

Rapid sepsis test developed

US researchers have developed a new point-of-care device that quickly identifies markers of sepsis infection from a single drop of blood.

Journal-based learning exercises August 2017

Journal-based learning exercises for August 2017. You may complete as many JBL exercises as you wish and you are not restricted by specialty.

Renal Health in Transfusion

Shahid Nazir Muhammad, a Specialist Biomedical Scientist, considers renal health in transfusion care to inform best practice.

High blood platelet count is a predictor

A high platelet count is strongly associated with cancer risk, according to the authors of a new paper.

Why does "wrong blood in tubes" happen?

Why does “wrong blood in tubes” happen and what can be done? Rachel Moss looks into the situation.

Greiner Bio-One: Combined tubes launched

Following the successful launch of the new capillary blood collection system last autumn, Greiner Bio-One now presents the new MiniCollect Complete tube as the ideal complement to its innovative system.

Leukaemia inequality still an issue

Although global inequalities in survival from childhood leukaemia have narrowed, they still persist, a new study shows.