Congress update: real science, relevance

Sarah May, Deputy Chief Executive at the IBMS, explains the approach behind this year’s Congress.

How to…monitor a clinical service using audit

Following the completion of a high-quality audit, the team at Manchester Royal Infirmary’s cytology department offer guidance on monitoring a clinical service.

More content at Congress

Sarah May, Deputy Chief Executive at the IBMS, looks at the new sessions that have been added to this year’s Congress.

Journal-based learning exercises May 2017

Journal-based learning exercises for May 2017.  You may complete as many JBL exercises as you wish and you are not restricted by specialty.

Sebia enters agreement

The test mitigates the potential interference in visualisation of M-proteins in immunofixation electrophoresis caused by DARZALEX. 

April's IBMS Congress update

Congress is packed with vital material, including something unique in cellular pathology, writes Sarah May of the IBMS.

A desperate need for good leaders

Shahid Nazir Muhammad, a Specialist Biomedical Scientist, looks at chronic kidney disease and the need for compassionate, nurturing leaders in the field.

Life in a bubble

Biomedical engineers may have found a way of combating one of the deadliest forms of cancer, pancreatic cancer, with a diagnostic method that can catch it, even at its early stages.

Breast Cancer: Map holds hope for future

Scientists have created a “map” linking the shape of breast cancer cells to genes turned on and off, and matched it to real disease outcomes.

Gut bacteria affects treatment

Patients with malignant melanoma are more likely to respond to immunotherapy treatment if they have greater diversity...