NI members win award

IBMS members were among the award winners at this year’s Advancing Healthcare Awards for Northern Ireland.

North East regional gala

The IBMS hosted the North East region gala dinner and awards ceremony in October.

Fab Change Week

The IBMS took part in Fab Change Week 2017, which was held in November.

Under the microscope: glyphosate

Under the microscope This month: glyphosate

Do people know what atrial fibrillation is?

Results from a survey of the general public in 10 countries reveal that less than half of people are aware of atrial fibrillation (AF).

Genomics uncovers MRSA outbreaks

Genomic sequencing has been successfully used to investigate outbreaks of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).

POCT blood tests for GPs

Blood tests to determine if patients need antibiotics are to be rolled out at doctors’ surgeries in Greater Manchester.

Early cancer diagnosis study

Cancer patients are five times more likely to have surgery to remove their tumour, and less likely to have chemotherapy, if diagnosed at the earliest stage compared to the latest stage, according to new figures.

CCGs not offering three IVF cycles

Nearly 90% of clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) are not offering the recommended three cycles of IVF treatment.

"HIV vaccine design shows promise"

A novel protein-sugar vaccine candidate has stimulated an immune response against sugars that form a protective shield around HIV.

Biomedical scientists to supply medicines?

A UK-wide project is underway to explore the possibility of enabling biomedical scientists to use Patient Group Directions (PGDs) in order to supply or administer medicines.