IBMS strategy published

After consultation with its members, the IBMS has announced its new corporate strategy for 2018 to 2020.

Scholarship now open for entries

IBMS members are being encouraged to apply for the Carol Briggs-Smalley Scholarship.

Gaming disorder: under the microscope

What is gaming disorder?

£3.7m of undisclosed CCG payments

Clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) in England have not disclosed hundreds of payments from drug companies, reveals an investigation.

Pfizer ends alzheimer's research

One of the world’s largest drugs companies has announced that it will be stopping research efforts into finding new treatments for Alzheimer’s.

Blood glucose and type 1 diabetes

A study shows that a gene therapy approach can lead to long-term survival for functional beta cells, as well as normal blood glucose levels for an extended period of time in mice with type 1 diabetes. 

How alcohol damages DNA

Scientists have shown how alcohol damages DNA in stem cells, to help people understand why drinking increases cancer risk.

Fighting breast cancer

A combination of oncolytic viruses and checkpoint inhibitors could be more successful than traditional treatments in fighting breast cancer, and possibly other cancers too.

Tech to tackle antibiotic resistance

It is hoped that a new type of skin patch that administers drugs directly into the bloodstream through thousands of individual “microneedles” could be used in the fight against antibiotic resistance.

Can cake cause epidemics?

A sugar additive used in several foods may have helped Clostridium difficile spread, according to a new study.

Science news in numbers: February

A breakdown of science news this month.