A balanced approach to infection control

Mitchell Reed, a Microbiology Services Manager, discusses bringing previously outsourced microbiology tests back in-house.  

Journal-based learning exercises

Each article’s contents should be read, researched and understood, and you should then come to a decision on each question. The pass mark is 17 out of 20 questions answered correctly.

Here to help: Transparent fair and sound

Here to help: Transparent fair and sound

Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Head of Registration and Training, reflects on Biomedical Science Day and what can be done to improve working conditions.

How to... share and promote your research

Public engagement can be intimidating and it is tempting to leave it to professors and professional communicators. But Anastasia Skamarauskas from Sense about Science says that standing up for science and being part of the public discussion is the responsibility of all researchers.

Editorial: Look to the future

It's time to end the short-sighted approach and invest in the future, writes Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive.

Reality paradox

Reality paradox

The unique identity and role of biomedical science need to be recognised at all levels.

A day in the life of... Jamie Hunt

I work for the Health and CareProfessions Council. Our main aim is to protect the public, and to do this, we keep a register of professionals who meet our standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

Towards a better service

Changes made by the education team are starting to become evident, writes Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Head of Registration and Training.

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Journal-based learning exercises August 2017

Journal-based learning exercises for August 2017. You may complete as many JBL exercises as you wish and you are not restricted by specialty.

Consent training: a biomedical scientist perspective

Consent training: a biomedical scientist perspective

Senior Biomedical Scientist Olivia Geling discusses a consent training day she attended and outlines the key messages.

Synopsis: British Journal Biomedical Science, issue 3 2017

Issue 3 of our journal is now completed. By the time you read this, the hardcopy may already have landed on your doormats. However, those of you who have been to the website will already have accessed and read some of the papers. Editor Andrew Blann outlines the content in the latest issue.