My lab: in Great Ormond Street Hospital

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Bamidele Farinre gives a guided tour of her paediatric lab at the children’s hospital.

Staff empowerment in pathology

Chika Eze, Cellular Pathology Training Officer, explains why leaving micromanaging behind can have a positive impact. 

Nutrition and the elderly

Consultant Chemical Pathologist Ruth Ayling looks at the diets of those over 65 years old and examines why they have different nutritional needs from younger adults.

The big story: Newgate to Botany Bay

Pathology Manager Stephen Mortlock charts the perilous journey that convicts were forced to take to Australia.

FIT for the future

Research and Development Scientist Carolyn Piggott looks at advances around faecal immunochemical tests for symptomatic groups. 

Blood Group Systems

Malcolm Needs, formally of NHSBT, delves into transfusion science and the Kell and Kx Blood Group Systems.

Changing perceptions

Can baking, art, pubs and television alter views of science? We look at the innovative ways in which the sector’s profile is being raised.

Predicting breast cancer risk

Professor Gareth Evans explains his test for genetic breast cancer, which could reduce unnecessary pre-emptive mastectomies.

The Big Question: Statutory regulation

This month we ask: Is statutory regulation an effective mechanism for patient protection?

Editorial: unsung heroes

Switching off can be hard, but hopefully everyone will have the time to do so this festive season. 

My lab: Heart and lung transplant

Specialist Transfusion Practitioner Michaela Lewin gives a guided tour of her lab at the cardiothoracic hospital in Papworth.