Microbiology & Virology

Biomedical scientists to supply medicines?

A UK-wide project is underway to explore the possibility of enabling biomedical scientists to use Patient Group Directions (PGDs) in order to supply or administer medicines.

Why viruses persist

New research suggests a mechanism that may explain how viruses that are considered acute can persist.

Journal-based learning for October

Each article’s contents should be read, researched and understood, and you should then come to a decision on each question. The pass mark is 17 out of 20 questions answered correctly. JBL exercises may be completed at any time until the published deadline date. Please select your choice of correct answers and complete the exercises online at: www.ibms.org/cpd/jbl

Science news in numbers: October


New prescribing data from NHS England shows in 2016:

Tackling polio with plants

Plants have been used to produce a new vaccine against poliovirus, which is hoped to be a major step towards global eradication of the disease.

A balanced approach to infection control

Mitchell Reed, a Microbiology Services Manager, discusses bringing previously outsourced microbiology tests back in-house.  

How to... share and promote your research

Public engagement can be intimidating and it is tempting to leave it to professors and professional communicators. But Anastasia Skamarauskas from Sense about Science says that standing up for science and being part of the public discussion is the responsibility of all researchers.

Microbiology: culture vs molecular

Microbiologist Dr Mark Wilks looks at the key themes and messages that emerged from this year’s British Society for Microbial Technology conference.

Can bacteria stop cancer drugs working?

The presence of particular microbes or enzymes could explain why some treatments are ineffective for some people.

The search for a Zika vaccine

Brazil has just announced that the Zika virus is no longer a public health emergency. We look back at the outbreak and forward to the attempts to create a vaccine.

My lab: teaching and research

Dr Lisa Coulthwaite, Principal Lecturer, School of Healthcare Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, takes a tour of the microbiology labs.