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Tech news: February 2022

This month's top tech news stories


CRP test CE mark

LumiraDx, a next-generation point-of-care diagnostics company, has announced its C-reactive protein (CRP) test has achieved CE marking. The LumiraDx CRP Test is a small, portable, fully automated, microfluidic immunoassay test used for the quantitative determination of CRP with results within four minutes.

The measurement of CRP provides important information for the detection and evaluation of infection, and inflammation.

Life Science Group

Cell shipment

A new product developed by Life Science Group and Coventry University has the potential to transform the delivery of cell and gene therapy and make cutting-edge, personalised treatments more accessible, it is claimed. CellShip is a cell shipment and storage medium. It is a sterile, xeno-free alternative to cryopreservation for the transport and short-term storage of cells and contains a non-toxic additive to maintain membrane integrity.



Sustainability report

Increasing the use of recycled materials in the manufacture of laboratory glasswashers and washer disinfectors is one of Miele’s goals to become more sustainable. The brand, which makes commercial dishwashers, washing machines and washer disinfectors, suitable for use in a laboratory and medical setting, has published a detailed sustainability report.

Miele plans to reduce CO2 by 50% by 2030 and is working to make its equipment easier to repair to increase each appliance’s life cycle.


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Lipoproteins in the central nervous system

US scientists have created a method to detect lipoproteins in the central nervous system that they claim could give new insights into the workings of the brain.

Aggressive prostate cancer and mutations

An international research team has singled out mutations in 11 genes that are associated with aggressive prostate cancer.

Enabling the mRNA COVID vaccine

The 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine has been jointly awarded to Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman for their discoveries concerning nucleoside base modifications that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19.

Immunotherapy for all blood cancers

A broad new strategy could hold hope for treating virtually all blood cancers with CAR T cell therapy.