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Virtual reality space lab launched

Members can now access the IBMS' virtual reality (VR) biomedical science world to use at their public engagement events.

The National School and College Leavers Festival 2023 took place at the Birmingham NEC in November, offering students the opportunity to engage with employers from across the UK. With over 30,000 people in attendance over the two-day event, the IBMS took the “Become a biomedical scientist” campaign to new heights as we launched our new educational public engagement tool.

Equipped with three VR headsets and controllers, we invited attendees to step into the forefront of healthcare innovation through the “IBMS Accredited Space Lab”. This immersive VR experience reveals the indispensable role of biomedical scientists in healthcare. Against the backdrop of a captivating Space Lab, participants uncover the intricate processes integral to biomedical science.



Guided through a captivating journey, users take charge of a simulated urine sample, navigating it through a series of intricate steps using cutting-edge machinery. They witness firsthand the complexities of microbiology, from sample collection to comprehensive result analysis, gaining insight into the crucial role of biomedical scientists in decoding vital diagnostic information.

This visionary initiative extends beyond a mere VR encounter – it’s an invitation to explore and uncover the essence of biomedical science. It provides a window for young minds to assess their interest in pursuing a career in this field. Participants are prompted to challenge themselves: “Do you have what it takes to become a biomedical scientist?”

The IBMS Accredited Space Lab isn’t just a virtual adventure — it transcends boundaries, sparks curiosity and serves as potential inspiration for the next generation of healthcare pioneers. Future plans will see us expand the Space Lab to include more experiments to cover a wide range of biomedical science disciplines.

Feedback from students at the NEC event was very positive and the IBMS stand was popular throughout the two days. Attendees came to us to find out more about biomedical science, IBMS Accredited degrees and registering to practise as a biomedical scientist. As a result, our “Become a Biomedical Scientist - Track 1” video was viewed over 1000 times using the QR code found on our leaflets and Post-it notes handed out.

IBMS member Helen Markland, Senior Biomedical Scientist and Training Lead at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, attended the NEC event and spoke to lots of students.

She said: “It was great to meet so many young potential scientists who often reminded me of myself at school, many of them bounded over to the stand with the opening line, ‘I love science’.

“I am glad there are events such as this that these young people can attend to discover the options available in STEM, but importantly in biomedical science, and the steps they need to take to work as biomedical scientists. Who knows, maybe they will be working in laboratories as futuristic as the VR headsets one day!”

More information

Space Lab available for members

The VR headsets are available for IBMS members to use at public engagement events to showcase the IBMS Accredited Space Lab and promote biomedical science. For further information please contact [email protected]

Behind the scenes

Thanks to Liquona, the production company who worked with us to create the Become a biomedical scientist videos and VR Space Lab, you can watch a behind-the-scenes video. To view, please visit:


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