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Celebrate, learn, vote

Sarah May, IBMS Deputy Chief Executive, discusses three important issues that have one thing in common.

Ownership, self-determination and professional recognition are incredibly powerful drivers of how we are perceived and shaped. No, I’m not talking about Brexit, I’m talking about our profession and there are three extremely important events taking place that will each contribute to how our profession evolves and is perceived.

International Biomedical Laboratory Science day is on 15 April and the theme this year is the role of biomedical scientists in the detection and screening of non-communicable diseases. This is a perfect subject to showcase our central role in healthcare, but it also demonstrates the global biomedical science community that shares common goals, ambitions and frustrations. It is somewhat reassuring that our experiences and frustrations are shared with biomedical scientists across the world. Through the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS), of which the Institute is a member, we will be celebrating the importance of our role in healthcare with thousands of other scientists across all of the continents. There are more issues that unite us than divide us.

The second event is Congress. The exhibition seminar programme is now complete and is on the Congress website and offers more than twenty presentations available free to delegates who are just attending as an exhibition visitor. The primary theme of these talks is education and training: we feel so strongly that everyone should have access to this information that we have taken the unprecedented step of putting these sessions on the free, open access exhibition hall seminar programme. We believe that learning should be without limits and that is what Congress seeks to deliver.

Finally, I want to talk about the forthcoming Institute Council elections, details of which are in this issue. Please take the time to read about the candidates, their personal statements and those of their supporters. These people are offering to commit their time and experience for the next three years to leading and shaping our profession. Those elected will give their time free and voluntarily and will be our voice; they will represent us, champion us and, if necessary, fight to ensure our profession has access to the opportunities that will allow us to make our contribution to improving the healthcare of our population. This election is carrying one of the largest number of candidates, each with very different qualities and experiences. Don’t leave it to chance, please read, choose and vote for those you feel will serve us best.

Why have I chosen to write about these three very different issues? Because they have one thing in common: us. I believe the best people to promote our profession are confident biomedical scientists. We understand our role and are the best to carry our message. Celebrate International Biomedical Laboratory Science day, vote for your Council and come to Congress.

Sarah May 
Deputy Chief Executive

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