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Tech news: October

This month's top tech news stories


Self sampling

A Norwegian study has validated the usability of Capitainer's self-sampling device for the standard panel of biomarkers used for monitoring kidney transplanted patients. Capitainer maintained consistent sampling success and analytical quality, generating reliable results whether microsampling was by healthcare personnel or patient. Capitainer’s patented sampling products are based on patients taking blood samples, themselves or with assistance, using a unique technology for collecting an exact amount of fluid and then allowing it to dry on a sample card.


Preclinical Imaging

The IVIS Spectrum 2 and SpectrumCT 2 imaging systems, Quantum GX3 microCT structural imaging solution and Vega ultrasound system have been launched by Revvity. The systems will provide critical support to researchers across a diverse range of preclinical applications. The Spectrum 2 and SpectrumCT 2 feature new state-of-the-art cameras and high-throughput capabilities. The Quantu GX3 microCT structural imaging solution is a powerful, high-throughput tool. The Vega ultrasound system is hands-free, automated and high-throughput.


Blood drawing

Medical robotics company Vitestro has launched the A.D.O.P.T. Trial for its autonomous blood drawing device. With an anticipated sample size of over 10,000 patients, this is the most significant study to date of autonomous blood collection. Vitestro expects to obtain CE marking in 2024.

The first 350 patients have been enrolled on the A.D.O.P.T. (Autonomous Optimization and Performance Tests for Blood Testing) Trial. Vitesro’s device combines AI-based, ultrasound-guided 3D reconstruction with the robotic insertion of a needle, ensuring accurate, consistent venipuncture.

Image credit | Vitestro | Revvity | Shutterstock

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