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Reflecting on success

As we leave the old year and enter the new Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Deputy Executive Head of Education, looks back on some of the Education Team successes of 2018.

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We hosted a number of update and training days for verifiers and examiners both at Coldbath Square and nationally. Over 160 people attended the days here at HQ, every session was fully booked soon after the dates were released and we even added an extra day to ensure that we were able to reach as many people as we could. We already have more than 40 people on the waiting list for next year’s events and we will be releasing the dates for these very soon.

As a result of these events, we have recruited 68 new verifiers and 52 new examiners and have updated experienced verifiers and examiners so that they are able to run “approved” IBMS training events in their local areas. This brings our total number of verifiers to 662 and our examiners to 502. As only half are active, recruitment this year was crucial to provide additional support for those who regularly volunteer and should result in a faster response to our calls for volunteers for verifications and examinations.  Feedback from the new-format sessions held at Coldbath Square has been positive, with an overall satisfaction score of 88%.

In addition to the above sessions, there were several CPD Officer Update days and two HSD candidate preparation days. CPD Officers discussed the evolution of their roles and looked at ways in which they can support their colleagues undertaking CPD. The HSD events covered portfolio production, exam techniques, expectations when studying for the HSD, and subject-specific sessions on past exam questions. Again, the feedback was very positive and each event was highly successful.

The number of registration portfolios issued increased by 13% between 2017 and 2018 to reach almost 900 and, as a result of a process review, the issuing turnaround time was reduced from three weeks in 2017 to a same-day service in 2018. Almost one thousand certificates of competence were issued in 2018, a rise of 9% on 2017.

The number of specialist portfolios issued has risen by 10% in 2018 (740+) from 2017 and, as above, the portfolio issuing turnaround reduced from four and a half weeks to a same day service.

The processing and screening of all applications for CPD events is also now a same-day service, allowing a faster acknowledgment of external events and sessions for members.

We continuously review internal processes to ensure that service users and members receive a timely and efficient service and although we recognise that we don’t always get it right first time, we want to assure you that we are committed to improving. There has been a great deal of very positive feedback on the reduction in turnaround times and we continue to engage with our users and members to look at ways to further improve the services we offer. We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and healthy 2019.

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