June 2024

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My lab: innovative cellular pathology

A guided tour of cellular pathology at One Dorset Pathology.

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Living with sickle cell disease

Calvin Campbell, Senior Community Engagement Officer at NHS Blood and Transplant, shares his story.

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#IBMSChat: connect, learn and grow

#IBMSChat is a dynamic platform where biomedical science professionals come together to discuss trends, challenges and innovations. Dan Nimmo, IBMS Head of Communications, explains why you should take part.

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Shining a light on safety culture in transfusion laboratories

Dr Jennifer Davies, Victoria Tuckley and Vera Rosa present the findings of the 2023 SHOT and UKTLC Transfusion Laboratory Culture Survey.

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What safeguards and regulations would you like to see in place for AI pathology?

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming ever more sophisticated and prevalent across society, combined with advances in digital pathology and the fast-paced progress in deep learning, we may be on the cusp of the era of AI in pathology. However, with technical, logistical and ethical barriers in place, we look at what measures are needed before widespread clinical adoption.

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How diagnostic cytology improves patient care

Leonie Wheeldon, a Consultant Biomedical Scientist specialising in cytopathology, discusses her work on rapid onsite evaluation.

News in brief: June 2024

This month's top news in brief stories

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An audit analysis: utilising a rare blood type

Specialist Biomedical Scientist Ayesha Shakhawat and colleagues present the results of an audit on optimising utilisation of O D negative blood in a major trauma centre.

Tech round up: June 2024

Best new tech this month

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External quality assessment

Rachel Marrington and Finlay MacKenzie with a practical guide to external quality assessment in clinical chemistry.

Telomere findings may offer insights

A new study shows that an enzyme called PARP1 is involved in repair of telomeres – the lengths of DNA that protect the tips of chromosomes – and that impairing this process can lead to telomere shortening and genomic instability that can cause cancer.