August 2017

Reality paradox

The unique identity and role of biomedical science need to be recognised at all levels.

A day in the life of... Jamie Hunt

I work for the Health and CareProfessions Council. Our main aim is to protect the public, and to do this, we keep a register of professionals who meet our standards for their training, professional skills, behaviour and health.

The wearable device that bites

Martin Mintchev tells Sarah Campbell about the e-mosquito – which has been in development for 10 years and is hoped to help people monitor their type 1 diabetes.

The big question: How have IBMS qualifications helped your career?

How have IBMS qualifications helped your career?

Under the microscope: "itai hoteru"

What is an itai hoteru?

Can tumour characteristics predict treatment success?

The molecular make-up of lung tumours could help identify patients who might benefit from immunotherapy treatment up front, a US study has found.

Rapid sepsis test developed

US researchers have developed a new point-of-care device that quickly identifies markers of sepsis infection from a single drop of blood.

Delivering the genomic dream

It is time to build a national, first-class genomic medicine industry that is scalable, futureproof, and delivers value for money.

International Space Station projects

Five “organs-on-chips” research experiments are set to take place on the International Space Station.

The NHS and Google deal that broke the law

An NHS trust did not comply with data protection legislation when it shared patient details with Google-owned DeepMind, a watchdog has ruled.

Assessing tuberculosis meningitis

Children with tuberculosis meningitis (TBM) have a biological fingerprint that can be used to assess the severity of the condition, it has been revealed.