Mauritius central lab: a report

IBMS Past President Allan Wilson reports on a visit to the Central Lab, Victoria Hospital in Candos, Mauritius last September, before his tenure drew to a close.

Degree apprenticeships futureproofing the biomedical science workforce

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, Course Leader Ian Davies and graduate Katie Preston reflect upon the first five years of the Healthcare Science Degree Apprenticeship programme at Staffordshire University.

Bite-size morphology

Nicki Lawrence, Principal Biomedical Scientist and Advanced Practitioner, introduces “Bite-Size Morphology” and presents a number of cases.

Laboratory transfusion standards

Transfusion Laboratory Managers Kerry Dowling and Jennifer Davies look at the updated UK Transfusion Laboratory Collaborative (UKTLC) Standards Role in Improving Transfusion Laboratory Practice.

Recent advances and updates in biomedical science

Deputy Editor Guy Orchard summarises a review paper and looks at planned special issues of the British Journal of Biomedical Science.

How to build a lab?

Senior Biomedical Scientist Alix Costello with a nuts-and-bolts guide to creating a new histology laboratory, with insights into some of the new and exciting apparatus now available for modernised working practices.

The big question: What can we as a profession do to support the NHS?

This month we ask: What can we as a profession  do to support the NHS?

Patient clinical outcomes research

Aimee Pinnington is looking for participants for her study into the education, training, and development pathways shaping the workforce.

Universal flu vaccine? Twenty strains, one jab

Scientists in Pennsylvania have developed an mRNA vaccine for flu that could serve as a “general preventative measure against future flu pandemics”.

The big question: antimicrobial resistance

This month we ask: “What would you like to see in the action plan for antimicrobial resistance?”

IBMS research grants 2022

The four recipients of IBMS research grants in 2022 explain their projects and the impact they hope their work will have.