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September tech news

Latest tech news for September.

Cryovial system

Cryobank is based on a cryovial system that comprises of chemically treated beads covered with a special cryogenic preserving solution. It offers a reliable, convenient and versatile system for storing and preserving fastidious bacteria for long periods.

It permits the easy establishment of culture collection for laboratory accreditation or research purpose. 

Cryobank is suitable for use in all clinical laboratories dealing with bacteria.



Users of Olympus’ SZX2 and SZ2 Stereo microscopes and the MVX10 Macro-Zoom microscope can expand their observation capabilities, thanks to a new slim 41.5mm LED transmitted light illumination base. 

The base contains an easy-to-use turret system that can be loaded with up to four cartridges. Nine cartridges are available, offering different observation methods, including brightfield, darkfield, polarisation, and oblique, as well as three levels of contrast. 


Automated pipetting

Integra Biosciences’ Assist Plus pipetting robot offers a compact system with laboratory automation at an affordable price, using any Integra electronic multichannel pipette to provide hands-free, high throughput, reproducible processing while eliminating repetitive manual pipetting tasks and human errors. 

It puts automated pipetting within reach of virtually every lab, making liquid handling tasks, such as serial dilutions, reformatting plates or transferring samples, easier, faster and more productive.

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