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October tech news

Latest tech news for October.

New Pipettes

The IKA pipette range now comprises 18 colour-coded models and includes large displays, durable construction and ergonomic handles to make the PETTE fix and vario suitable for frequent pipetting.  

All PETTE models are fully autoclavable and can be easily sterilised. The large mechanical volume display is easy to read during pipetting.

This level of visibility ensures enhanced accuracy, precision and safety when pipetting. 



Pneumagen has announced in vivo data on its lead product, Neumifil, generated from its proprietary GlycoTarge platform.

Neumifil is a first-in-class mCBM40 for the universal treatment of respiratory tract infections, including influenza virus and respiratory syncytial virus.

The study results demonstrate that Neumifil significantly reduces replication of respiratory syncytial virus in mice, a standard model for respiratory syncytial virus in humans.  


Oxgene brand launch

Oxford Genetics has announced the launch of its brand, OXGENE. The new brand articulates the company’s powerful ability to combine highly innovative science with an engineering approach.

It celebrates the company’s evolution from a product-based business model to providing high-quality, custom precision engineering services, and reflects the company’s expanded scientific offering and ambition for the future.

OXGENE has leading expertise in gene therapy, gene editing and antibody discovery.  


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