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MAST launches new DNA amplification kit

A ready-to-use isothermal amplification kit using LAMP technology and presented in a convenient lyophilised format is now available. 

MAST launches new DNA amplification kit

MAST ISOPLEX® DNA Lyo is the latest innovation in LAMP technology from the MAST Group.

The isothermal reaction conditions of the MAST ISOPLEX® DNA Lyo method allow for the continuous amplification of target genes, rather than being restricted to short periods of amplification as seen in PCR cycling. This allows for the amplification of much larger quantities of nucleic acids in a shorter reaction time (109 to 1015 within five to 40 minutes).

This amplification kit has been shown to be unaltered by continuous exposure to high temperatures of 50ºC and >90% humidity. It has overcome limitations of molecular diagnostics such as cold chain logistics and storage. This makes shipping safe and reliable to remote locations.

There is no requirement to use all the reagents at one time because, as reconstituted pellets, they can be freeze-thawed multiple times with no adverse effect.

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