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The really, really big question: resolutions for 2022

After a year in which biomedical science has been under extreme pressure, but finally started getting the recognition it deserves, we asked scientists who have contributed to the magazine over the last 12 months what their professional resolutions are for 2022. Here are some of their responses…

Richard Wardle

Lead Laboratory Manager – Blood Sciences (Automated and Specialist Services) and OPD Phlebotomy Services, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

For 2022, my professional New Year resolutions are to promote our profession at every opportunity, and celebrate the dedicated work of the staff that deliver laboratory services across the UK. I want to ensure we encourage newcomers to join our wonderful profession and enthuse those who are part of it. With the on-going pathology consolidations we should ensure all staff who want to are afforded the opportunity to develop and progress, and help all find a healthy work–life balance. Here is to a bright 2022 for pathology services across the country and hope that the recognition we have gained over the pandemic is here to stay.

Lee Peters

Specialist Service Manager, Laboratory Medicine Department, Swansea Bay University Health Board

Trying to find a work–life balance. It’s not always easy as there are so many competing pressures, but there does need to be a balance. I wasn’t selected in the HCPC CPD audit, but I realised that, although I do loads of CPD, I’m not great at recording it. I need to put a system in place to rectify this.

I’m presenting at Congress this year and hopefully I can spark an interest in attendees in POCT.

Lena Forsyth

Applied Biomedical Science student, Robert Gordon University and Biomedical Support Worker at NHS Grampian

It has been a year full of changes, growth, successes and challenges. I will be taking what I have learned into next year. Next year will see me finishing up my undergraduate degree. My resolution for the New Year is to continue to put my all into the remainder of my studies including my honours project. I would like to continue to do my bit in raising the profile of what we do in biomedical science. I also hope to secure a post as a biomedical scientist after graduation. I will be taking every opportunity that comes my way. I am looking forward to seeing what the year ahead holds.

Dr Rameen Shakur

Janson Precision and Regenerative chair at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Having been a tough year for us all, my professional resolution for 2022 is – make more time to talk and share our love of science for all and be open for more collaborations.

David Mathews

Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland

This year I will be undertaking the British Blood Transfusion Society specialist certificate in transfusion science. I hope to develop my knowledge in transfusion, and my morphology practice.

Malcolm Robinson

Founder of Harvey’s Gang, Chief Biomedical Scientist (retired)

I hope that in 2022 we can continue to grow and expand Harvey’s Gang in more laboratories, and to educate and empower more young patients and inspire more biomedical scientists to grow in confidence – to inspire the next generation of scientists and for Harvey’s Gang to be recognised as a Standard of Care for our young patients in the UK.

Dr Guy Orchard

Consultant Biomedical Scientist, Operations Manager, Tissue Sciences Head of Education, St. John’s Dermatopathology, Viapath

My resolution is to remain focused – to not worry about things that I can’t change, but focus harder on those things that I can change for the better.

We are in times of constant evolution in pathology with new developments always around the corner. It is important to make sure I take time to reflect and make choices that are realistic and achievable. Also, the choices I make are not always personally preferred, I suspect like many of us who have responsibilities to others, there remains an objective for delivery of service which reflects the needs of all… at least in an ideal world.

Dr David Ricketts

Head of Laboratory Process Improvement Health Services Laboratories

This year, as well as my day job in pathology at Health Services Laboratories, I am hoping to help get the new version of ISO 15189 over the line and run sessions to help the UK pathology service get ready for changes ahead of publication – this will be when the standard has reached international consensus and is ready for publication. Fun times ahead for all.

Dr Chris Moore

Programme Leader BSc Biomedical Science, University of the West of England, Bristol

I guess my professional New Year resolutions sit more with making things better for my students in an IBMS-esque way. I started a national community of practice for biomedical scientist course leads a few months ago that I want to grow and get more people contributing to. And I want to do more to change the provision and funding of sandwich year training posts to grow the biomedical scientist workforce with actual IBMS-accredited biomedical scientist graduates. I’d also like to become an associate professor of teaching and learning (just one for me there, too).

Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green

Consultant Clinical Scientist (Infection Control Doctor)/ Joint Trust Lead Healthcare Scientist Great Ormond Street Hospital

We’ve spent almost two years now in responsive mode, leading and responding to changes during the pandemic. The time is approaching where we need to return to planning. If we can use some of the infrastructure and resource changes that have resulted from the pandemic, we will be in a position to really improve pathology services, but this needs to be done with thought, planning and due consideration. If we make these decisions in responsive mode they are likely to be the wrong ones. So deep breaths and plan for where we want to be, not where we are.

Jessica Dixon

Acting Deputy Services Manager and Pathology Quality Manager, Milton Keynes University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Getting in the steps! In recent months I have stopped running and walking in my lunch break. I intend to reinstate this in the New Year and plan breaks better. Getting away from the desk is good for productivity.

Also, I want to improve engagement in quality across all staff groups in pathology. This pandemic has taught us that quality is the key to robust, reliable and safe processes that work even in a crisis. But quality is only successful when everyone is engaged.



Jo Horne

Lead Practice Educator, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Pathology Network

My professional New Year resolution is to continue to support the development and promotion of the healthcare science workforce, utilising the platform of my new roles within HEE and NHS England & Improvement. I want to continue to spread the word about the benefits of workforce transformation in histopathology, and the opportunities available to departments and pathology networks to do things differently. I want to spend the next year continuing to build relationships and networks with all of our stakeholder partners in the profession. I want to listen to concerns and ideas around improvement and transformation, especially around education and support offered – not just in pure science, but also in leadership, wellbeing and inclusivity.

Kamila Orzechowska

Biomedical Science Student,Coventry University

I am looking forward to 2022 and new challenges that will come. In 2022 I want to continue to improve in every role of my life. I would like to do well in my Master degree and be accepted for the doctoral programme. Continue supporting Renal Patient Support Group (RPSG) in amazing activities and collaborations. Being able to better manage my private, academic and professional life.

Caroline Fillmore

Biomedical Scientist, Virology, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

I don’t believe in New Year resolutions, but in the virology lab I would like to be able to spend more time with the trainees and staff that are training so I can support them more, as with COVID it has been so busy I haven’t had as much time to talk to them. With COVID there has sometimes been less paperwork and red tape, which in some ways has been great as things get done quicker, so I hope next year I can be more productive in getting things done without the red tape but still to the high standard we have maintained throughout COVID. Happy New Year.

Carmela Duffy

Virology Manager, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast

My New Year professional resolution is to promote scientific achievement among all scientists, regardless of role or responsibility. The last two years have shown that teamwork and innovation are both required to meet the continued challenges of service delivery.

Steve Clarke

Retired IBMS Fellow

To continue to explore our scientific heritage relating to medicine and biomedical sciences by research and publication. To attempt to promote, stimulate and inspire biomedical scientists to perform research on significant topics of interest by publication of suitable articles. To attempt to keep up to date with clinical and scientific developments.

Patrick Simms

Operational Support Manager, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust

With lots of new trainees, apprentices and students, 2022 is going to be the year of completion and success. It’s going to be my resolution to remain on top of supporting our staff to progress and improve our workforce. We are also working hard in uniting our lab in Weston General with our sister lab at Bristol Royal Infirmary to become one service. Although it is a busy year ahead, I resolve to ensure all of our team know how appreciated they are.

Martin Khechara

Associate Professor for Engagement in STEM, University of Wolverhampton

This last year has taught me a lot. Like all of us, it’s had its ups and downs and given more than enough time for reflection! In 2022 my New Year resolution is that I am going to be more strategic and, although I love being busy, just learn to weigh things up and say no sometimes. Work–life balance is a tricky thing but it’s time to get it sorted so I can focus on things that I like doing, like the IBMSPod Lab Life podcast, of course.

Zoe Andrews

Healthcare Scientist Assistant, States of Guernsey

My professional 2022 New Year resolutions are to be kinder to myself, to keep raising the profile of biomedical scientists, trainees, lab assistants and keep educating children through Harvey’s Gang. After another rollercoaster of a year I think we need to remember our lives outside of the workplace, make sure we protect our own and other colleagues’ mental health. That said, I will be taking every opportunity handed to me in order to learn and grow and hopefully swap fear for faith. Wishing everyone a positive 2022.

Ashley Ballard

Digital Pathology Lead (One Dorset Pathology), Trainee Consultant Healthcare Scientist (GI Pathology)

It has been a challenging year for all of us in the NHS, but despite this we have continued to make progress modernising our cellular pathology services in Dorset. I hope to continue with this in the New Year – improving our new LIMS and implementing a digital pathology solution for the county’s laboratories. I also hope to continue making progress with my GI reporting training programme. I also hope to make progress with my PhD programme, and hopefully get some work published.

Tony Rhodes

Editor, British Journal of Biomedical Science

My professional New Year resolution for 2022 is to be in a position to give the British Journal of Biomedical Science the time and attention it deserves and in so doing to continue the good work of my predecessors.

Eileen Kelly

Medical Scientist, Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

We are going to be living with more new strains of the virus that has challenged us so much already, so let us embrace the new normal. In 2022, I hope to learn more about how “that” virus affects children, as their immune system responds very differently. We have a lot to learn and out of this I hope to see a giant leap forward in medical science.

Anas Nasir

LIMS Analyst and Specialist Biomedical Scientist, SYNLAB

I’m currently on secondment, working on the LIMS implementation project in the South East London Pathology network. My goal for this year is to ensure that I spend that extra time building something in the new LIMS system so that it works as well as it can and makes the day-to-day use pleasant for the laboratory professionals. We all know how difficult, time-wasting and frustrating it can be when the system doesn’t do things quite how you’d like. I’d also like to continue working in the laboratory, helping to develop the Biomedical Scientist Empowerment and Discussion Group further and also creating new and regular content for my YouTube channel – Oh Blast! Morphology.



Anne Lockhart

Biomedical Scientist Training Manager, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Throughout 2021, everyone has continued to work to a consistently high standard, demonstrating the amazing services that all labs provide. I hope that in 2022 everyone is able to get some well-deserved time off and enjoy a little bit of the “normality” that we are getting back in our lives.

My professional New Year resolutions will be to: embrace the new ways of working that have been developed during the pandemic to ensure that all staff have easy and equitable access to training, celebrate successes within the workplace and enjoy a better work–life balance.

Sue Alexander

Pathology Services Manager, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

Since the start of the pandemic life has become extremely unpredictable and full of uncertainty – I think a lot of people have reassessed their views on work and life. I know I have. Whilst remaining professional and seeking to grow and develop in our roles and careers I think it is important to nurture ourselves and our team members to ensure long-term resilience and deal with whatever COVID throws at us next. I will also revisit the useful material I have got on techniques for dealing with uncertainty.

Sarah E Carter

PhD Candidate, Data Science Institute, National University of Ireland, Galway

This year, working from home/hybrid work has still been hard on many of us – in my case, it has made it more difficult to take much-needed breaks from my PhD work. My professional New Year resolution is to set aside time every day for a walk. A short break can refresh me and improve my work, even if it is hard to take that first step outside.

Cherie Beckett

Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Microbiology, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust

My professional new year resolutions for 2022 are largely to make the most of every opportunity thrown my way, continue to hold the door open for others to step up, attempt to step outside of my comfort zone and, ultimately, try to consider the direction in which my career is heading (for someone who wants to do everything).

Azuma Kalu

Specialist Scientific Lead/Health Education England Ambassador, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

This year has been a very difficult year for many healthcare scientists. For 2022, I look forward to supporting more junior colleagues in their professional journey through coaching and mentorship as well as helping others build on the gains of 2021. Also, I will continue to give my time to visit primary and secondary schools in my role as Health Education England Ambassador to inspire young people to consider careers in healthcare and National Health Service. Finally, to continue to play my small role in positioning Laboratory Medicine at Sheffield Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and wider South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw network as a northern powerhouse for pathology services.

“Life has become full of uncertainty and I think a lot of people have reassessed their views on work and life. I know I have

Dr Praveen Paul and Dr Elodie Chabrol

Co-Founder and International Director, Pint of Science

After the last two years we are glad to still be here and immensely proud of our community and the enthusiasm of everyone involved – organisers, speakers and attendees. The inventiveness and willingness to adapt to circumstances is a continuous source of motivation. In 2022 we plan to celebrate and acknowledge the tenth edition of Pint of Science in the UK and continue to support and provide a platform to the amazing, dedicated and talented volunteers who make the festival happen.  

Kinjal Patel, Senior BMS

Advanced Practitioner in Histological Dissection, Charing Cross Hospital

My New Year resolutions are going to be achieving a greater work life balance to enhance both my physical and mental abilities. I will strive to have greater focus on celebrating my achievements, no matter how small and be less preoccupied with self-doubt and mistakes. I aim to enhance my personal development by learning new skill to broaden my knowledge and capabilities in the coming year.  

Nigel Brown 

Consultant Clinical Scientist, Wansbeck General Hospital

My resolutions are: Keep up to date with CPD, keep my desk tidy (no chance!), continue to train others, not to nod off in really dull Teams meetings, not to look at last year's resolutions and realise I've not kept them!

Tahmina Hussain

Pathology Training Co-ordinator, The Christie Pathology Partnership

Utilise the opportunity of being on IBMS Council to bring back benefits to local practice. Work closely with practice educators and workforce development groups to help make a difference. Engage more with university students to maximise employability in the profession. Complete an ongoing project to streamline the training and competency framework.

Philip Cummings

Specialist Biomedical Scientist (Blood Transfusion), Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Hopefully, I’ll be ending 2022 with the Higher Specialist Diploma in transfusion science and progressing alongside my new employer, one of the largest teaching hospitals in Europe. I have learned a lot from NHS employers and staffside about implementing new pathways, AfC framework, contract law, mentorship schemes, management, and leadership theory. I would like to generate an equitable training framework between laboratories that optimise student engagement to bridge the skill gap. I believe there is room for development and modernisation that we, as a profession, are slow to adopt, but once attained it will improve the quality and reputation of healthcare science services substantially.  

Kimberly Christiana Lewis

Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Clinical Biochemistry, Swansea Bay Health Board

My 2022 New Year resolution is to continue promoting the incredible contributions of all biomedical scientists and raise awareness of our importance within the healthcare setting. All biomedical scientists need to remember that they play a critical part in patients' care and all of their fantastic hard work are appreciated. For 2022, I want to learn to recognise my limits and focus more on my wellbeing.

Nigel Coles

Pathology Quality Manager, Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

To engage with the Civility Saves Lives project –

Madihah Abbas

Specialist Biochemistry Team Manager, The Christie Pathology Partnership

My 2022 New Year Resolution is to complete the Management Development Programme at Synlab and embed the new skills acquired around coaching, emotional intelligence and inspirational leadership, in order to support the team to develop and grow to their full potential. 

Susan Lovegrove

Microbiology Service Lead, Black Country Pathology Services (BCPS)

To keep going… to embed the laboratory and clinical team within BCPS Microbiology in their new home together, to offer more development opportunities to the laboratory team and to gain some stability following the last two years of constant change.

Nicky Hollowood 

POCT Manager, Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

After another challenging year, I resolve to prioritise POCT service improvement and development in 2022. The pandemic has led to uncertainty and challenges but has also acted as a catalyst to redesign the way we deliver our pathology services. As a POCT Manager we need to continue to use this momentum to further promote the value of high quality POCT service provision in the delivery of accessible diagnostics and pathology tests, being open to accepting new ways of working.

Dave Eccleston

Head of Modernising Scientific Careers, Liverpool Clinical Laboratories

The two things I hope to develop next year are: multi-skilling across departments, (Band 4 and 5) to start with, and the development of a rolling LCL annual intake of generic (not discipline-specific) trainee biomedical scientists who will rotate across all departments as part of their generic training.

Matthew Burdett

Project Lead PCR, Molecular Biology, Unilabs

Every year I always think about ways I can be better and learn new things. For my New Year resolutions for 2022 I will aim to do at least three different types of CPD activities per month, and become more active. I will also try to focus more on virology and looking at gaining the knowledge to start specialising.

Bamidele Farinre 

Chief Biomedical Scientist, Espirita (Acacium Group)

To continue developing my skills, knowledge and experience in my field of practice and the biomedical Science at large. Networking more than before, with the pandemic professional networking has not been the same due to various restrictions in place. I would like to take my career to the next level and positively impact the future generation by raising the profile of my profession through my role as a STEM ambassador and continuous professional development officer.

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