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Point-of-care testing: testing an IBMS certificate of expert practice

Nicky Hollowood and Lee Peters, module tutors for the IBMS Point-of-care testing Certificate of Expert Practice, outline the benefits of the qualification.

Point-of-care testing (POCT) services continue to evolve and grow at a rapid pace, accelerated further by the pressures and demands of the COVID-19 pandemic and the drive to modernise healthcare. 

Those who are working within POCT have observed that national healthcare leadership teams are now openly acknowledging and crediting POCT services with being essential and beneficial for diagnostic support service provision in modern healthcare pathways. 

The need for high-quality POCT services managed by trained laboratory professionals has never been more in demand. The availability of training, education and support for staff working in POCT is, however, still limited. 

Online qualification

The IBMS has responded to this growth in POCT and the demand from its members by developing and offering the certificate of expert practice (CEP) online qualification to those interested and involved in POCT management. The first cohort started the course in early 2020, just as the pandemic was unfolding in the UK, and the course has run each year since then with the third cohort reaching completion in July 2022.

The course follows a similar format to the other CEPs that the IBMS offers in Leadership and Management, Molecular Pathology, Quality Management and Training. It is hosted and supported by Ulster University remotely and runs between January and July each year.

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