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The great big biomedical lockdown quiz (part 3)

The third instalment of our biomedical science quiz. This time, we have a picture round and eight questions relating to ultrastructure, compiled by Catherine Griffiths, an Electron Microscopist from the Biomedical Imaging Unit at University Hospital Southampton.

Round 1: Picture round

  1. What is the tubular structure in the centre of the image? (Nucleus to the right)
  2. Which insulating layer shown here allows efficient transmission of electrical impulses?
  3. These cilia and microvilli in cross section can be found on which type of cell?
  4. What is the name for this cluster of capillaries?
  5. A symptom of multiple myeloma, this image shows crystalline paraprotein deposit in which tissue type?
  6. What is the banded fibrous structure shown here?  
  7. What sort of cells are these  homogeneous electron-dense structures?
  8. Which technique allows us to see viruses by TEM, such as this rotavirus cluster, by staining the background?


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