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A strong relationship

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells on IBMS/RCPath collaboration and promoting the profession.

June is going to be a month of celebrations for the profession. The IBMS has our sixth annual Biomedical Science Day coming up on 9 June and The Royal College of Pathologists (RCPath) is holding its National Pathology Week on 20–26 June.

RCPath has timed National Pathology Week to fall on its Diamond Jubilee. Since it is turning 60, I wanted to dedicate this month’s editorial to the increasingly strong IBMS/RCPath relationship. Through working closely, we have seen both of our voices and influence grow, with the net effect of improving the provision of pathology in human and veterinary health.

Our interests intersect and cross over in so many areas that collaboration is truly inevitable. The ongoing pathology workforce transformation and the forecast gap in reporting capacity in histopathology is presenting us with an opportunity to develop advanced practice roles for biomedical scientists – and to work on the expansion of our already very successful joint framework.

Throughout the pandemic, we worked together to put out numerous joint statements. Our professions shared the same needs and goals and having the voices of two major professional bodies and 32,000 laboratory professionals (instead of 21,000) opened doors and made a real difference when we were attempting to support our workforce.

It is hard for me to imagine the pathology landscape without a close IBMS/RCPath relationship. We have collaborated on valuable projects with the past four presidents – Prof Adrian Newland, Dr Suzy Lishman, Prof Jo Martin and now Prof Mike Osborn and Daniel Ross their CEO – and I’m really looking forward to the next steps in our shared vision for diagnostics.

I hope everybody who can spare the time seeks to share some of their professional knowledge and skills to inform the public about what happens #AtTheHeartOfHealthcare this June – and, of course, also takes some great staff photos to show off who we are, where we are and what we do.

Our increased recognition is something to celebrate – and now is the time to spread the word about the amazing breadth of our profession’s skills and expertise. I hope everybody has a great time celebrating both Biomedical Science Day and National Pathology Week – whether IBMS or RCPath, we’re all in it together.

David Wells Chief Executive

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