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New Year resolutions

After a tumultuous 12 months, we asked contributors to the magazine what their professional New Year resolutions are for 2021. Here's what they said...

Martin Khechara
Associate Professor for Engagement in STEM, University of Wolverhampton

“As I am the IBMS British Science Association Media Fellow for 2020-21, my New Year resolution would be to make the most out of the opportunities that I have been given and make sure that I can bring all the things I have learnt to the Institute to make sure that I can help our members develop the skills and attributes to be able to engage with the public and the media in a confident and successful way, so we can keep the message about how important biomedical science is to everyone going.”    

Hedley Glencross
ead Biomedical Scientist in Diagnostic Cytology and Andrology, Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth

“As someone who is not well known for making New Year resolutions, or planning that far ahead, I have a few professional resolutions for 2021…

“Continue my work with the Moldovan Cervical Screening Programme; explore how my membership of the newly formed UK Global Cancer Network may help with the above; see publication of 3rd edition of the Biomedical Science Practice book; and, most importantly, plan for my impending retirement in 2021.”

Nigel Brown
Consultant Clinical Scientist, Wansbeck General Hospital

“My professional New Year’s resolutions are: 1) Keep up to date with the rapid changes in drug use. 2) When the workload gets very busy, not to hide in the office doing the reports. 3) Help the new members of the lab team to develop their skills. 4) Keep my desk tidy. 5) When I do some CPD, remember to log it!”

Sue Alexander
Pathology Services Manager, The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust

“I resolve, in these days of working from home (Teams, Zoom and so on) to make a real effort to go around and see my management team and staff face-to-face, or at least mask-to-mask, and spend time making them feel valued. You can end up very remote and removed from the shop floor otherwise. I also resolve to give myself more “me” time, which has not happened this year (I am a microbiologist so life has been hectic, as for so many). I miss my exotic travel and, indeed, any travel, so that’s my aim for myself and my sanity.”

Sheri Scott
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Nottingham Trent University

“My 2021 New Year professional resolution is to stop collecting spinning plates; I need to focus on my current responsibilities without adding more.”

Lee Peters
Special Analytical Techniques Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board

“My professional resolution for 2021 is to continue to improve. Improve as a student, as a manager and as a biomedical scientist. 2020 was a tough year, but it has allowed us biomedical scientists a chance to show that we can all step up and provide a service we can be proud of.”

Daniel Weiand
Consultant Microbiologist and Educational Lead, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle

“To continue to leverage the opportunities presented by increased access to, and dependence on, remote working. Also, to increase my personal participation in, and engagement with, virtual conferences (accepting that they are probably ‘the new normal’, and here to stay).”

Colin Mudd
Higher Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

“I resolve to ensure that anyone that will listen to me will know the following: 1) Biomedical scientists, wherever they work, have a direct effect on the health of the nation. 2) Whilst not always patient-facing, without biomedical scientists, patients cannot be effectively treated, monitored or diagnosed. 3) We are not backroom staff.”

Clare McCann
Technical Manager, Microbiology, Glasgow Royal Infirmary

“After a tough year for us all, I hope to improve work–life balance and take time to celebrate team successes.”

Hayley Pincott
Associate Practitioner, University Dental Hospital, Cardiff

“I’ve recently been asked to be part of the Healthcare Science Communucation and Engagement group for Health Education and Improvement Wales, to develop resources and encourage the next generation of healthcare scientists. So, my first resolution is to really engage with this and take full advantage of being given this opportunity to try to make a difference. I’d also like to work towards becoming a Registered Scientist with the Science Council. My last resolution is that we have created a new branch page on the IBMS website, so I’d like to make full use of this and make it easier for members to access and take part in CPD by being able to resource talks and presentations on the branch page.”

Joanna Andrew
Laboratory Medicine Manager (designate), York and Scarborough Hospital

“To ensure that the increased public consciousness of the critical role of biomedical scientists is not forgotten post-pandemic by working hard to promote the profession as a fantastic career choice. Also, to support the laboratory team to work flexibly and embrace the positive aspects of new ways of working developed during the pandemic to ensure staff are supported to achieve a healthy work–life balance.”

Lynnette Garrett
Laboratory Medicine Quality Manager, Swansea Bay University Health Board

“This is quite a difficult question to answer. After the year we’ve all gone through, with no clear end in sight, I am immensely proud of my colleagues that have continued to work during these difficult and anxious times. The current pandemic has certainly shone a light on our services. So, my professional New Year resolutions would be – to maintain the momentum of being recognised as a critical service for the diagnosis, treatment and care of our patients; and recognition of all the times our team have surpassed what we thought was achievable.”

Martine Jensen
Higher Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

“My professional resolutions are to carry on working hard to maintain our quality service for both routine work and the added pressures of COVID-19 testing. I would like to ensure that our team remains as strong as it is by mentoring and coaching the new biomedical scientists and locum staff we are recruiting to help with service demand.”

Chris Maple
Consultant, East Yorkshire Microbiology

“My New Year resolutions are to progress IBMS qualifications/training for advanced practice and to spend more time on CPD.”

Tahmina Hussain
Blood Sciences Training Officer, The Christie Pathology Partnership

“My New Year resolutions are going to be to maintain a healthy work–life balance, obtain a new qualification and to be satisfied with what I have achieved on my to-do list, rather than focusing on what I haven’t achieved!”

Danny Gaskin and Selma Turkovic
Biomedical Scientists & Patient Blood Management Practitioners, NHS Blood and Transplant

“Network more. 2020 has been a strange and challenging year. Lockdown and social distancing measures have meant that most conferences and education events were delivered remotely. We’ve really missed the face-to-face contact with our colleagues and peers and this is something we definitely won’t take for granted next year. Take regular screen breaks! Working from home has introduced us to a new type of tired – screen fatigue. Regular breaks, walks and stretches throughout the day.

“Build on the success of our Biomedical Scientist Empowerment and Discussion Group, so we can continue to support our hospital colleagues with blood transfusion training, empowerment and development.”

Azuma Kalu
Senior Specialist Biomedical Scientist, Great Ormond Street Hospital

“For 2021, my two professional resolutions are to spend more time to research and write about issues that affect biomedical scientists and also support more junior colleagues through mentorship.”

Maryam Shaikh
Associate Practitioner, The Royal London Hospital.

“I have just passed my registration portfolio, so I look forward to officially being HCPC registered. I am eager to start working on the specialist portfolio in histopathology and I look forward to experience working as a biomedical scientist. I aim to progress and develop my skills in this field of cellular pathology.”

Mark Cioni
Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science, Nottingham Trent University

“After leaving the lab two and a half years ago, the focus of my CPD has moved from the scientific to the educational – my New Year resolution is to bring back some scientific CPD into my portfolio.”  

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