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A legacy to inspire and guide

IBMS Chief Executive David Wells thanks Debra Padgett for her incredible work as President and welcomes Joanna Andrew into the role.

On behalf of the entire biomedical science profession, I want to extend our deepest gratitude to Debra Padgett for her exceptional two years of service as IBMS President. Under her leadership, the IBMS has made significant strides in advancing the profession, promoting excellence in biomedical science and advocating for the critical role of biomedical scientists and laboratory staff in healthcare and society.

Debra has demonstrated unwavering dedication to the profession, consistently championing our interests and fostering a strong sense of unity within the biomedical science community.

Her commitment to professional development, education and policy outreach has been instrumental in shaping our profession’s future.

As Debra steps down, we commend her for her outstanding contributions. It has been a huge personal honour to work alongside such a visible, committed and exceptionally hardworking President. The legacy of her leadership will undoubtedly continue to inspire and guide the IBMS for years to come.

As we bid farewell to Debra, we warmly welcome Joanna Andrew into the role as the 36th IBMS President. With her extensive experience and unwavering commitment to the profession, we are confident that she will lead the IBMS to even greater heights.

Joanna brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the position, having served in various leadership roles in both the profession and the IBMS. Her passion for education and advocacy will be invaluable in shaping our future in the coming years and bringing our five-year strategy to fruition.

We look forward to working closely with Joanna as she embarks on this new chapter and helps us to navigate these important times. Together, we will continue to advance the biomedical science profession and ensure that biomedical scientists and laboratory staff continue to play a pivotal role in improving patient care.

David Wells, IBMS Chief Executive

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