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Here to help: Research grant applications

Jocelyn Pryce, IBMS Deputy Head of Education, looks at the ways in which the Institute is supporting member research. 

Did you know that the IBMS annually awards grants for those undertaking research that is considered original? This article aims to raise awareness of the ways that the IBMS supports advances in biomedical science by raising the profile of and facilitating  research undertaken by our members.

Research is a vital aspect of the development of biomedical science and the IBMS plays an important role in contributing to that research with financial support and sharing the new knowledge by its dissemination in the sister publication of The Biomedical Scientist, the British Journal of Biomedical Science (BJBS). Members are able to access the BJBS either online or in hard copy and so keep up to date with the latest advances in the various biomedical science disciplines. In 2019, the BJBS published 22 original articles, 17 reports and a review across a range of disciplines, including cellular pathology, clinical chemistry, haematology, bacteriology and virology. In addition to research carried out in the “mainstream” disciplines, 2019 also saw papers in andrology and those which cross discipline boundaries, with techniques in molecular genetics featuring highly across all papers. Those of you who take the time to read and digest the articles published in the BJBS (an excellent source of CPD!) will recognise that the gulf that once existed between some researchers and registered biomedical scientists is closing and more projects are being undertaken by practicing biomedical scientists, often as part of a higher qualification. The IBMS is working hard to support this development and, on an annual basis, the IBMS invites applications (deadline 31 March) from members for grant awards up to £5000 for UK members and £3000 for international members, to facilitate a practical project which will result in a new body of knowledge.

The grants are awarded to assist members who are undertaking a research project, which could be linked to a course of study leading to a post-graduate higher education award (see page 28-32 for information on the most recent grants awarded). The expectation would be that publications arising directly from this grant-funded work would be considered for inclusion in the BJBS in the first instance, thereby offering the recipient a supported route into research publication. The IBMS follows each grant awarded through the lifetime of the project, receiving reports on progress and a short report or case study could be presented in The Biomedical Scientist. Additionally, manuscripts resulting from research grant funded work can be entered for relevant prizes awarded by the IBMS.

As you can see, there are many benefits of grant awards, including developing individual researchers and also in developing and disseminating knowledge across the biomedical science disciplines, raising the profile of both. So, why not consider investigating your eligibility for one of these grant applications?  

For more information on IBMS grants and awards and how to apply, visit

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