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Here to help: Ready for 2022

IBMS Education Manager Richardia Penn with the latest on assessment, verification and training.

As the new year begins, the IBMS education team has been busy getting ready by arranging events for our routes and assessors. We have also been improving our processes to ensure we continue to maintain a high standard of service to our members and service users this year.

To ensure our external verifier and examiner details are correct, every year we check the information held on our databases. Anyone who has been inactive for two years or more is asked to confirm they wish to remain on our active list.

In addition to our regular emails and newsletters last year, we contacted verifiers and examiners by phone so that we could discuss their requirements for any additional training. We also used the calls to discuss mentoring opportunities for those requiring further support prior to taking on a verification or examination, as well as arranging assessments for those looking to remain current.

We understand that it has been an extremely busy two years for the profession, and that some verifiers or examiners may have been removed from the pool of assessors following the data cleanse last year. If this has happened to you and you don’t wish to be removed from our lists, you can reply to the email and let us know that you would like to remain a verifier or examiner. You will then be invited to attend a refresher session or welcome to attend an approved external train-the-trainer session to enable you to take on pending verifications or examinations. Making it easier for people to attend, we are currently working on a new method of delivering external assessor training, which we look forward to introducing soon.

To prepare verifiers and examiners for some of the changes and additional support to come in the new year, we will be hosting more training days. These will be as individual sessions just for verifiers, and sessions just for examiners to become new assessors. We will also be offering refresher sessions as training to our existing registered verifiers and examiners. This will allow us to not only focus their training but also to provide adequate support to anyone who needs further support. To confirm the event dates and sessions please visit where we will add the dates of the upcoming sessions.

We cannot close before saying a huge thank you to each one of our members, assessors and service users for your continued support to the Institute last year, and to those of you who worked so hard to assist us in the various projects and assessments hosted in 2021.With your help and feedback, we were able to overcome several challenges and ventures that required us to adapt, whilst continuing to work towards further development and implement processes. We could not have done it without you.  

Image credit | CMYK | Shutterstock

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